Managing your candidature

Managing your candidature

The Graduate Research School is dedicated to supporting Higher Degree Research candidates by managing all aspects of candidature, from enrolment to thesis submission and examination. We have summarised some important things you need to know about managing your candidature below. 

Census date is the last date in each session you can make changes to your enrolment for that session, without incurring fees. All enrolment changes need to be complete by the census date. This includes: 

  • Leave of Absence 
  • Variation of Course 
  • Research Degree Transfers 

Key dates

HDR candidates may apply to make changes to their candidature prior to the census date for the current session of enrolment.  

They will need to provide a written notification with supervisor approval to the Graduate Research School.  

Leave of Absence (LOA) is a period in which HDR candidates take leave from their studies. LOA may be granted for medical, compassionate or other acceptable reasons. Students should discuss any periods of intended leave with their supervisors. HDR candidates become eligible to apply for LOA at the beginning of the second session of enrolment.  

For our international candidates the conditions for a LOA may differ due to visa requirements.   

Candidates must understand the fee requirements for HDR courses: 

There are a range of HDR scholarships and awards available for eligible full-time HDR candidates at UOW. These scholarships include annual stipends, living allowances and tuition fee costs.  

All UOW students need to pay Student Services and Amenities Fees (SSAF).  

Equivalent Fulltime Study Load (EFSTL) is a measure of course progress. Progress in a HDR degree is measured differently than in a coursework degree: 

  • 1 EFTSL unit equals one year of full-time study 
  • 0.5 EFTSL = 1 session of full-time study 
  • 0.25 EFTSL = 1 session of part-time study 
  • 6 credit point subject equates to 0.125 EFTSL 

Domestic HDR students who have accrued an Equivalent Full Time Study Load (EFTSL) of >4 (greater than 4 years full time study or 8 years part-time study) for doctoral students and >2 (greater than 2 years full time study or 4 years part-time study) for masters of philosophy/research students are classified as ‘overtime’ in their studies and are liable to pay fees for the remainder of their degrees. For more information visit the Enrolment management page.   

The time limits for course completion for domestic and International HDR candidates are specified by minimum and maximum submission dates of the thesis, which is calculated from the session of commencement. International students should also refer to their visa responsibilities in regard to completion times for their HDR course. 

Read more about enrolment and course completion times.   

Student Online Services (SOLS) is a vital online tool that you will use to manage your enrolment. Some important tasks that you may perform in SOLS include:  

  • Requesting status letters 
  • Accessing eLearning (Moodle) 
  • Completing your APR 
  • Paying your fees  
  • Amending your personal details.   

Login to your SOLS on the Current Student page 

It is important to raise any issues that are concerning you through your candidature as early as possible. HDR candidates can speak with the following people for support or advice:  

  • Your supervisor/s  
  • The Head of Postgraduate Studies (HPS) in your School 
  • Associate Dean (Higher Degree Research) in your Faculty 
  • Your Student Support Adviser 
  • Graduate Research School  

For more information about the UOW complaints policy for HDR students, you can read the Higher Degree Research (HDR) Student Academic Complaints Policy.