HDR forms and policies

Throughout your research degree, it will be necessary for you to fulfill certain administrative requirements, such as completing various forms and staying informed about the progression of your HDR process in specific circumstances surrounding your candidature. This webpage provides a comprehensive overview of the HDR forms and policies that can offer a helpful guide as you navigate through your studies.

HDR Forms

Find the right form needed for your next HDR studies step

Before you commence

Your first month

  • Commencement of Candidature: Clarifying the goals and responsibilities of each person. Please complete this form with your principal supervisor, preferably within the first month
  • First Month of Meetings Guide (previously called First Interview Checklist): Providing a checklist to the supervisors for all the matters that should be discussed with HDR candidates in the first two or three meetings
  • HDR Space Allocation Request Form: Complete after discussing with your supervisor to request shared office space, laboratory access and access cards

Developing your research proposal

Initiating your research

Changes in your course enrolment or supervision

Seeking extensions and fee waivers

Submitting your thesis

Other HDR forms for supervisors 

UOW HDR Policies

Many rules, guidelines and policies govern the HDR courses. If an issue raises the following relevant document may be useful.

Guidelines around HDR

Documents around enrolment 

Documents around academic integrity