Confirmation of enrolment

What is the Confirmation of Enrolment (COE)?

  • The COE (Confirmation of Enrolment) is an official document that provides important information about your enrolment status. It reflects your actual enrolment in a course, indicating the course duration through the course start and end dates, fees paid and total fees to be paid for the course.
  • This document is required to be submitted to the Department of Home Affairs before applying for a student visa.
  • You must have a valid COE at all times while you are studying on a student visa.
  • If your COE is cancelled, your visa may be also cancelled by the Department of Home Affairs.

Do I have to have a COE?

  • Yes if you are an international students studying onshore on a student visa.
  • No if you are an international offshore student who is studying via a Distance offer.
  • No if you are an international student not on a student visa, but are on a temporary residence visa are considered international students for fee purposes only.

What happens if my COE or visa expires before I complete my course?

You must get a new COE:

  1. Log into SOLS and click on 'Student Forms'
  2. Select 'Confirmation of Enrolment (COE)' from the drop down box and click 'Continue'
  3. Fill in the following compulsory information:
  • Visa expiry date
  • Which country you will process your student visa in
  • Passport number
  • Expected Course Completion Date
  • Reasons for extending your course duration

Is there a time limit to use my COE if I want to apply for a new student visa?

Yes. If you are a continuing student and you have requested a COE to apply for a new student visa, you must use your COE to apply for your new visa within 45 days of the date your COE has been issued; otherwise, it will expire and you will not be able to lodge your visa application.

Do all international students receive an extended COE?

No. The University is only permitted to extend the duration of your study study where it is clear that you will not complete the course within the expected duration as specified on your COE as a result of:

Note: If you have deliberately under-enrolled in sessions and have no approved Reduced Study Load and not made up the time in other sessions, you may not be allowed to get a new COE. In the case that a new COE is not issued, you may complete your degree from your home country via distance studies.

Do I need to apply for a new COE if I have transferred to a different course?

No. A new COE will be emailed to your UOW email account. If your visa is close to expiring or if you are worried about your COE not arriving, you can apply for a new COE using the Student Forms on SOLS.

Do I need to apply for a new COE if I have applied for Reduced Study Load?

No. The University will issue you with a new COE if you have an approved Reduced Study Load application.

However, if your Student Visa is still valid for longer than 3 months into the future, you will not be supplied at this point with a COE. You will have to apply for one through Student forms in SOLS once the Visa date is within 3 months.

How long does it take to receive a new COE?

About 10 working days; however, it may take longer during busy periods.

Do I have to pay to extend my COE?