Student visa conditions

You are responsible for complying with your student visa conditions

The main visa conditions

1. Completing your course on time

  • You must complete your studies in the timeframe of your Confirmation of Enrolment (COE). This means that you need to maintain full-time enrolment:
    • Session: 24 credit points (4 subjects)
    • Trimester: 18 credit points (3 subjects)
  • If you need to change your enrolment, you must contact your Faculty and then talk to your Head of Students.
  • If you deliberately under-enrol or not follow advice from your Faculty, you may not be able to get an extension of your COE and then will have to complete your studies from your home country via distance studies.
  • See also: How change(s) to your enrolment affect your visa

2. Achieving satisfactory academic progress

  • You must make successful academic progress in accordance with the University Coursework Rules and Course Progress Policy. This means that you must pass more than 50% of your subjects for each study session.
  • If you fail to maintain satisfactory course progress, an Intervention Strategy should be activated to ensure that you provided with appropriate support. Please get advice from your course coordinator or Head of Students.
  • If you are excluded from the University due to not maintaining course progress, UOW is required to cancel your and report it to the Department of Home Affairs. In this situation, you must contact DHA on 131 881 within 28 days of your COE cancellation date.
  • Failure to contact the Department of Home Affairs may result in the automatic cancellation of your student visa.
  • See also:

3. Paying tuition fees on time

  • You must pay your tuition fees on time, no later than the census date (last date to pay for the session).
  • Failing to pay your fees on time will cancel your enrolment and COE and will report you to the Department of Home Affairs.
  • If you have trouble paying your fee, see Student Central staff in Building 17, before your fees are due.

4. Notifying the University of any change in your address

  • You must notify the University of your Australian residential address within 7 days of arriving to Australia.
  • You must also notify the University within 7 days of changing your address.
  • You can update your address via SOLS under "Change Mailing/Family Address". You cannot use the address of a post office box, your agent address or your Faculty address.

5. Maintaining current Overseas Student Health Cover

  • You must maintain Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of your student visa.
  • UOW’s preferred OSHC provider is BUPA.
  • BUPA representatives are available at Student Central in Building 17 between 11am – 3pm (in session). You can also discuss OSHC matters with the Client Service Team at Student Central, or contact BUPA directly on 1800 888 942.

6. Working while on a student visa

  • You are not permitted to start working until after your course has started.
  • You are limited to working up to 40 hours per fortnight during sessions. A fortnight is a 14-day period starting on a Monday.
  • You can work unlimited hours during university holidays.
  • If you are a postgraduate research student, you can work unlimited hours during your studies.
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