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Information for all current HDR candidates, with resources, links and guides to get you from orientation through to graduation.

Getting started
Enrolment management
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Academic integrity


HDR complaints

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Policies and guidelines


Student statements and letters

To request the letters listed below you will need to login to SOLS.

  • Change Enrolment Status -Domestic
  • Completion Letter
  • Graduation Invitation for Overseas Guests
  • Reduce Study Load - International Students
  • Statement of Status - Enrolment
  • Statement of Status - Scholarship
  • Statement of Status - Thesis Examination
  • Withdrawal of Course - Domestic
  • Withdrawal of Course - International

Journal articles, study spaces and literature research support

Academic resources, flexible study spaces and knowledgeable staff who provide personalised assistance face-to-face, via phone, email or the Library Live Chat service. See also the Support for Researchers resource page.

International Student Support Programs 

Research and writing skills support

Free resources, seminars and personalised consultations to HDR candidates seeking to improve their research and writing skills. Book a free consultation. 


Professional development and job search

Access free Career Chats with our experienced staff to answer your career and employability questions. Careers Central have a range of resources and support. See also

Conflict and grievances

It is important to raise any issues that are concerning you through your candidature as early as possible. HDR candidates can speak with the following people for support or advice:  

  • Your supervisor/s  
  • The Head of Postgraduate Studies (HPS) in your School 
  • Associate Dean (Higher Degree Research) in your Faculty 
  • Your Student Support Adviser 
  • Graduate Research School  

For more information about the UOW complaints policy for HDR students, you can read the Higher Degree Research (HDR) Student Academic Complaints Policy.  

Woolyungah Indigenous Centre

WIC provide programs, services and facilities that encourage and support Indigenous Australians from entry to University, through to successful completion. 



For further information, you can access our HDR Resource and Information Hub.

How to apply for...

Scholarships and awards are available for eligible full-time HDR candidates at UOW. These scholarships include annual stipends, living allowances and tuition fee costs. How to apply varies by scholarship. Visit the Scholarships page for information. 


HDR candidates are eligible to apply for funding to help support research activities related to their studies following the successful completion of their Research Proposal Review and prior to completion. To access this project support funding, please contact your supervisor to discuss and follow the steps below. 

Step 1

ASSH & BAL HDR Candidates: Please contact UOW Financial Services Division via or Service Now to obtain your project, task number and confirm the available balance. Specify your full name, student number, Faculty and School, that you are a PhD student, and that you require your available HDR account balance, your project number and project code.

EIS HDR Candidates: Please contact your supervisor to discuss the funding amount requested. Your supervisor will contact the Powerhouse leader or account owner to confirm your available balance. The Powerhouse leader or account owner will manage the details of the project number associated with the HDR student support funding for your research group

Step 2

Complete the HDR Candidate Project Support Application Form.

Step 3

Send the completed form to your Supervisor for their consideration.

Step 4

If your Supervisor approves send the form to your HPS (or to your Powerhouse/account owner for EIS HDR candidates) for their consideration. The HPS (or Powerhouse leader/account owner for EIS) will advise you of their decision.

Once your application is approved, submit your application with invoices to Graduate Research School, they will contact Financial Services requesting the amount be paid against your HDR funds.

Please note: HDR candidates from the Australian Institute for Innovative Materials (AIIM) or the Faculty of Science, Medicine & Health (SMAH) should contact your faculty or institute for a separate process.

HDR candidates who require shared office space, laboratory access and access cards can submit a request by completing the HDR Space Allocation Request Form online.

Please discuss your request with your supervisor before submitting the form. The request will be sent to your Principal Supervisor for approval. Once approved, Facilities Management Division will allocate space and access cards as appropriate. For lab access, candidates are required to complete a lab induction and obtain approval from the lab owner.