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Equal Opportunity (EO) Online is a self-paced professional development program for employees at Australian Universities. The training program contains many real life examples and has interactive learning techniques. Completing the modules enables UOW staff to discover that rich benefits can be obtained as we pursue our objectives of being a diverse and inclusive workplace.

By completing this program, you will:

  • understand the importance and value of a diverse and inclusive workplace;
  • know your Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) rights and responsibilities;
  • identify different forms of discrimination including practical prevention strategies;
  • understand the importance of positive workplace relationships; and
  • understand the critical role that managers and leaders play through intentional inclusion.

Employees must complete modules one to three as a requirement of probation and every two years thereafter.

Supervisors and managers are required to complete all four modules as a requirement of probation and every two years thereafter.

Use these handy tips to help you navigate through your training:

  • Remember to register the first time you access EO Online
  • You'll need about 90 minutes to complete modules one to three.
  • You can complete the modules in sections, coming back to where you finished last time
  • To progress through each section you must complete all quizzes
  • Your completed task will be recorded in your Unified Learning Training transcript.
  • Supervisors and managers are required to also complete module 4 (You will need about 35 minutes to complete module 4).

Please report any problems using or accessing EO Online to

UOW is committed to having a work and study environment that is free from bullying and harassment. Staff and students will thrive where there is a culture of mutual respect, valuing difference, an awareness of how to share views and opinions in a constructive way, and how to deal with conflict in an appropriate and timely manner.

Bullying can have an impact on a person’s physical and mental well-being which can in turn impact on their ability to work and study effectively. UOW has therefore developed and implemented the strategies and resources outlined below.

Educational strategies


Staff are required to complete EO Online in the first six months of employment and every two years thereafter. Professional and Organisational Development Services offer a range of training programs which assist in improving communication and interpersonal skills as well as leadership and supervisory skills.

Policy and Procedures

UOW has developed the Bullying Prevention Policy which is to be used in conjunction with the Grievance Policy and Procedures for Investigating Grievances.

What can you do if you believe you have been bullied?

If you can, tell the person the behaviour is unreasonable/inappropriate, that you are offended and want it to stop. If this is not effective or you are not able to speak to the person, read the Bullying Prevention Policy and contact the most appropriate person in the University to assist you. See section 8 of the Bullying Prevention Policy.

What can you do if you have been accused of bullying?

Seek advice and assistance from the most appropriate person. See section 8 of the Bullying Prevention Policy

Other important links

Federal and State Legislation

The Flexible Work Guideline outlines the flexible work options available to Academic staff and Professional Services employees within the University and provides guidance on the design, initiation, and monitoring of flexible work arrangements.

Staff can find more information about the flexible work options here.