University Education Committee (UEC)

Terms of reference

The University Education Committee (UEC) is a formally constituted committee of Academic Senate with particular responsibility for providing leadership in the academic governance of all aspects of the University’s strategic plan relating to Education that include, but are not limited to curriculum development, the UOW student experience, and assurance of academic quality and standards.

The academic governance framework of the University is consistent with the Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards).

The UEC will support the strategic plan in working toward a position in the top 1% of world universities, by upholding the overall institutional accountability processes for quality assurance of higher education.

The committee shall have oversight of all aspects of the University’s strategic plan that include, but are not limited to:

  • curriculum development;
  • UOW student academic experience;
  • assurance of academic quality and standards;
  • education across all sites (onshore and offshore) and modes of delivery;
  • student diversity;
  • development of educational technology and services;
  • academic policy development and implementation;
  • academic staff development, promotion and recognition of excellence; and
  • student career development and employability.


The UEC shall:

  • oversee academic quality assurance initiatives for all University of Wollongong courses, both onshore and, in conjunction with the Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor, offshore, to maintain and strengthen the quality and integrity of all courses;
  • monitor course quality through regular reporting on comparative student outcomes and course performance and make recommendations to Academic Senate to support course improvement and course management initiatives;
  • make recommendations to Academic Senate with regards to promoting Academic Integrity and by monitoring academic misconduct outcomes;
  • receive annual reporting on the review and appeal of academic decisions, mark and grades and make recommendations to inform the management of student academic reviews and appeals at UOW;
  • consider matters and make recommendations to Academic Senate in order to ensure all students in all locations have access to an equivalent learning experience using the highest quality learning facilities, and are supported by skilled and committed academic and professional staff;
  • develop and drive the creation and delivery of innovative, inclusive and challenging curricula;
  • promote high quality teaching, educational innovation, and the reward and recognition of teaching staff;
  • ensure that all UOW graduates develop skills, qualities and knowledge that enable their success in the global workplace;
  • oversee and develop strategies relating to the wider student experience;
  • review and develop pathways to higher education and promote opportunities for lifelong learning, through the support and development of new courses designed to ensure access to higher education is available to all, including groups currently underrepresented in the higher-education sector;
  • drive the realisation of the University of Wollongong as a digital university for learners and teachers;
  • make recommendations to Academic Senate on proposals for new or amended, University-wide policies relating to education, the student experience and the administration of courses.
  • provide advice to the Academic Senate and other University bodies on all matters relating to learning and teaching, and student experience; and
  • receive the minutes of subcommittees and other special purpose groups and make determinations and recommendations on issues arising from the deliberations of these committees.


The University Education Committee shall consist of:

Ex Officio

  • The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and Student Life) as Chair
  • The Chair of Academic Senate
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor (Global)
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor (Health- Sydney Campuses)
  • Executive Director (Indigenous Strategy)
  • Dean of Graduate Research
  • Associate Deans (Education)
  • Academic Director, Regional Campuses
  • UOW College General Manager
  • Director, Academic Quality & Standards
  • Director, Learning, Teaching & Curriculum
  • Director, Library Services
  • Director, Student and Accommodation Services
  • Director, Student Life
  • Director, Future Education
  • Director of Education, iAccelerate
  • Director, Information Management and Technology Services
  • Associate Director, Student Engagement and Employability
  • Associate Director, Student Partnerships and Academic Success
  • Chair, Educational Policy and Quality Subcommittee
  • Chair, Student Academic Experience Subcommittee

Elected members

  • Academic Senate Representatives (five elected Senate members)

Unless otherwise provided, the term of office of all elected members shall be two years.

Appointed members

  • >Associate Dean (International) (one position), appointed by the Chair following consultation with the Chair, University Internationalisation Committee
  • >Faculty Academic Staff Representatives (one representative per faculty) appointed by the Chair following consultation with the Executive Dean and Associate Dean (Education) of the relevant faculty
  • >One representative of the Wollongong Academy of Tertiary Teaching and Learning Excellence (WATTLE) Executive Committee (appointed by the Chair)
  • >Student Representatives (four positions, Chair of Student Advisory Council and one undergraduate, one postgraduate and one international student) appointed by the UEC Chair.

The Chair may, from time to time, appoint positions to the committee to ensure there is sufficient representation, views and expertise for the committee to achieve its business. Where such appointments are made the Chair shall make the recommendation to the committee and set the term of the appointment.

Wherever possible, membership of the University Education Committee should reflect the diversity of the University of Wollongong staff and student body.

Committee members wanting to take leave of absence during their term should seek the approval of the Committee. Any short-term membership replacements will be a matter for the Chair and the Committee to determine.


The quorum for a meeting shall be fifty per cent (50%) of the membership plus one.

Meeting frequency

The Committee will meet five times per year.

UEC Sub-committees

The following sub-committees support the UEC

  • Education Policy and Quality Subcommittee (EPAQ)
  • Student Academic Experience Subcommittee (SAES)

In addition to sub-committees, the UEC utilises Task and Finish groups to deal with specific, short-term issues. The number and structure of these groups changes regularly, to respond to changing priorities.

Current UEC members

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and Student Life) as Chair Professor Theo Farrell
The Chair of Academic Senate Professor Nina Reynolds
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Global) Professor Wilma Vialle
Dean of Graduate Research (or nominee) Professor Lorna Moxham
Associate Deans (Education) A/Prof Julie Kiggins (ASSH)
Associate Dean (Education) A/Professor Ann Rogerson (BAL)
Associate Dean (Education) A/Prof Montse Ros (EIS)
Associate Dean (Education) A/Professor Karen Walton (SMAH)
Associate Dean (International) A/Professor Sibylle Schwab
Academic Director - South Western and Southern
Sydney Campuses
Professor Louise Hickman
Academic Director – Regional Campuses Dr Kimberley McMahon-Coleman
Director - Future Education Dr Alison Freeman
Director - Student Service and Accommodation Ms Theresa Hoynes
Director – Library Services Ms Margie Jantti
Associate Director – Student Engagement and Employability Ms Nuala O'Donnell
Associate Director - Student Pathways and Academic Success Ms Kylie Austin
Director – Learning, Teaching and Curriculum Ms Leanne Cambridge - Operations Manager, LTC
Director – Academic Quality and Standards Mr Dominic Riordan
Director – Information Management & Technology Services Mr Ray Coury
UOW College General Manager Mr Felix Lanceley
WATTLE Representative Associate Professor Xiaoping Gao
University Education Committee Subcommittee Chair
Education Policy and Quality Subcommittee (EPAQ)
Dr Ken Cliff (EPAQ Chair)
University Education Committee Subcommittee Chair
Student Academic Experience Subcommittee (SAES)Associate
Professor Ika Willis (SAES Chair)
Academic staff representative from faculty Dr Noelene Weatherby-Fell (ASSH)
Academic staff representative from faculty Dr Martin O’Brien (BAL)
Academic staff representative from faculty Professor Christian Ritz (EIS)
Academic staff representative from faculty A/Prof Tracey Kuit (SMAH)
Elected Academic Senate Representatives (of five positions) Dr Kellie Buckley-Walker
Elected Academic Senate Representatives (of five positions) Mr Michael Valceski
Elected Academic Senate Representatives (of five positions) Professor Trish Mundy
Elected Academic Senate Representatives (of five positions) Dr Germanas Peleckis
Elected Academic Senate Representatives (of five positions) Dr Elena Vlaha-Gjorgievska
Student Representative Manmeet Singh Batra (International)
Student Representative (Undergraduate) Vacant
Student Representative Narayan Khanal (Postgraduate)
Student Representative Jackson Cocks (Chair, Student Advisory Council)

Comments / enquiries

Contact UEC Executive Officer


The Education Policy and Quality Subcommittee (EPAQ) is a formally constituted committee of the University Education Committee (UEC) with particular responsibility for policy and quality assurance and enhancement matters as they relate to learning and teaching. Its focus is on academic quality assurance and enhancement related policy, systems and processes for teaching and learning in undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses and associated programs. EPaQS monitors the progress and results of policy and quality reviews, and ensures the University meets the regulatory requirements that apply to higher education.


NameCommittee RoleFaculty
Dr Ken Cliff Chair ASSH
Prof Greg Rose Chair of Academic Senate or nominee (from Senate) BAL
Ms Nuala O'Donnell Pro Vice-Chancellor (Students) or nominee SDVC
Prof Wilma Vialle Pro Vice-Chancellor (Global) or nominee UOWGE
A/Prof Montse Ros
Prof Ann Rogerson
Prof Karen Walton
A/Prof Julie Kiggins
Associate Deans (Education) representing each Faculty All
Prof Christian Ritz Chair of the Transnational Education and Strategic Alliances Subcommittee or an Associate Dean International nominated by the Chair of TESA EIS
A/Prof Margaret Wallace Student Ombudsman DVCE
Mr Dominic Riordan Director, Academic Quality and Standards or nominee AQS
Ms Leanne Cambridge (acting) Director Learning, Teaching & Curriculum or nominee LTC
Ms Theresa Hoynes Director Student Accommodation and Services Division or nominee SASD
Mr Brett Lovegrove Executive Director (Global) or nominee UOWGE
Dr Ken Cliff Academic Staff Representative ASSH
Ms Karina Murray Academic Staff Representative BAL
Dr Rebekkah Middleton Academic Staff Representative
Dr Brad Stappenbelt Academic Staff Representative EIS
Mr Nathan Oyet Student Representative  
Ms Lorna Morrison Student Representative  
Ms Allison Clode Executive Officer AQS

SAES has responsibility for shaping and supporting the University strategic direction for student academic experience, and through this advising and making recommendations to the UEC for consideration

Current members

Julia Coyle (Prof)Pro Vice-Chancellor (Students) & Chair

Theresa Hoynes (Ms)  Director (Student Services Division) & Deputy Chair
William Jamison (Mr) Domestic Undergraduate Student Representative
Julia Picton (Ms) Domestic Postgraduate Student Representative
Kobiljon Ozodbekov (Mr) International Undergraduate Student Representative
Manjeeta Khanal (Ms) International Postgraduate Student Representative
Jaymee Beveridge (Ms)  Executive Director (Indigenous Strategies)
Vacant position Academic Director (Metropolitan Campuses)
Kimberley McMahon-Coleman (Dr) Academic Director (Regional Campuses)
Ann Rogerson (Prof) Associate Dean Education (Faculty of Business) (nominated by the Chair)
Noelene Weatherby-Fell (Dr) Head of Students (nominated by the Heads of Students Forum)
Mark Dowton (Prof) Head of Students (nominated by the Heads of Students Forum)
Leanne Cambridge (Ms) Operations Manager Learning Teaching and Curriculum representative (nominated by Prof Theo Farrell DVCE)
Nik Milosevski (Mr) Faculty Teaching and Learning Manager (nominated by the Chair)
David Fulcher (Mr) Manager (Learning Analytics)
Richard Cook (Dr) Director, Strategic Planning
Emma Purdy (Ms) Academic Quality and Policy Specialist (nominated by the Director, Academic Quality and Standards Unit)
Karen Walton (Prof) – chair Student Retention and Success Group  attendee
Chris Ritz (Prof) – International Students experience Task and Finish Group attendee