Key Academic contacts

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Your first step in getting great advice is to contact Student Central.

If your enquiry is related to a specific subject, please contact the subject coordinator. Subject coordinators are listed on the subject Moodle site or via your timetable in SOLS.

More specialist degree advice can be given by our Academic Program Directors and Discipline leaders listed below.

Academic Program Directors and Discipline leaders are academic staff members who can provide strategic leadership for one or more UOW coursework programs, and who takes ultimate responsibility for key areas of the course design and course performance.

Key Academic contacts by school

Education Leader
Dr Joshua Lobb

Research Leader
Associate Professor Guy Davidson

Research Integrity Advisor
Associate Professor Brian Yecies 

Head of Postgraduate Studies
Dr Margaret Hamilton

Bachelor of Creative Arts/Bachelor of Performance and Theatre Academic Program Director
Dr Luke Johnson

Bachelor of Communication and Media/Bachelor of Journalism Academic Program Director
Jo Stirling


Creative Industries (Discipline leader)
Dr Nicola Evans

Creative Writing and English Literatures (Discipline leader)
Dr Christine Howe

Creative Arts Core (Discipline Advisor)
Dr Lucas Ihlein

Journalism (Discipline Advisor)
Dr Shawn Burns

Music (Discipline Advisor)
Dr Terumi Narushima

Performance and Theatre (Discipline leader)
Dr Tim Maddock

Visual Arts (Discipline leader)
Dr Agnieszka Golda

Primary Course Advisor (Yr 1-2)
Dr Ken Cliff

Primary Course Advisor (Yr 3-4)
Paul Gardiner

Health and Physical Education Academic Program Director
Dr Greg Forrest

Science and Mathematics Education Academic Program Director
Helen Georgiou

Head of Postgraduate Studies
Dr Tiffani Apps
Dr Rachel Jones

Early Years Education Academic Program Director
Associate Professor Cathrine Neilsen-Hewett

MTeach-Primary and Secondary Education Academic Program Director
Dr Kellie Buckley-Walker

MTeach-Primary and Secondary Education Academic Program Director (regional campuses)
Dr Susan Duchesne

Postgraduate Coursework
Dr Amanda Baker

Academic Program Director
Dr Chris Brennan-Horley

Head of Postgraduate Studies
Dr Nicole Cook

Undergraduate Public Health Academic Program Director
Dr Summer Finlay

Postgraduate Public Health Academic Program Director
Professor Lisa Smithers

Bachelor of Social Science Academic Program Director
Dr Delia Rambaldini-Gooding

Higher Degree Research Coordinator
Head of Postgraduate Studies

Associate Professor Lynne Keevers and Associate Professor Chris Degeling  

Undergraduate Social Work Academic Program Director
Dr Jacqui Cameron

Postgraduate Social Work Academic Program Director
Dr Rugare Mugumbate

Undergraduate Work Health and Safety/Occupational Health and Safety Academic Program Director
Dr Emmanuel Boateng

Postgraduate Work Health and Safety/Occupational Health and Safety Academic Program Director
Jane Whitelaw

Head of Postgraduate Studies
Associate Professor Alison Moore

Bachelor of Arts (Academic Program Director)
Associate Professor Ika Willis

Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics
(Academic Program Director)
Dr Patrick McGivern

Master of International Relations
Bachelor of International Studies
(Academic Program Director)
Associate Professor Phil Orchard

History (Discipline leader)
Dr Claire Lowrie

Philosophy (Discipline leader)
Dr Patrick McGivern

Sociology (Discipline leader)
Cultural Studies, Indigenous Studies, Science & Technology Studies and Environmental Humanities (Discipline leader)
Dr Jordan McKenzie

Politics & International Studies (Discipline leader)
Associate Professor Phil Orchard

Languages & Linguistics (Discipline leader)
Dr Xiaoping Gao

Head of Postgraduate Studies and Honours Coordinator
Dr Talia Morag

Academic Integrity Officer
Dr Elena Walsh

100 Level Coordinator
Associate Professor Steven Roodenrys and Dr Amy Chan

200 Level Coordinator
Dr Harry Hill

300 Level Coordinator
Associate Professor Adam Clarke

400 Level Coordinator (Honours)
Dr Samantha Reis

Head of Postgraduate Studies
Professor Stephen Palmisano

Director of Professional and Clinical Psychology Training
Vida Bliokas

Singapore Program Director
Dr Simone Favelle