Overseas student health cover

All study abroad and exchange students* are required to take out overseas student health cover (OSHC). The UOW provider is BUPA Australia.

BUPA Australia

Address: On-campus at Student Central Building 17 – Counter #8
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 11am-1:30pm and 2:00pm-3:30pm
Telephone: 134 135
Website: www.bupa.com.au

Upon arrival in Wollongong, your address is temporarily listed with BUPA as the “Office of Global Student Mobility at UOW”, in order to prevent delays in receiving refunds. It is important that you change your address with BUPA as soon as possible. You can change your address via the BUPA website.

How to make a claim:
You can make a claim with BUPA online, on-campus or by phone using the contact details provided above.

Your OSHC Card:
You will receive your OSHC card in your Study Abroad & Exchange Orientation Pack. This card shows your name, membership number and the date your OSHC expires. Please keep this with you at all times, in a safe place such as your wallet or purse.

What’s covered?
OSHC will help you to pay for medical (doctor, pathology, x-rays) and hospital care and will contribute towards the cost of most prescription medicines and emergency ambulance transport. OSHC will not pay for services such as dental, optical or physiotherapy, treatment for medical conditions in existence before you came to Australia, or treatment arranged before you came to Australia.

Health and Medical Services

When visiting a doctor or medical service, you should always check to see if there will be anything you need to pay. For a full list of doctors that will bill BUPA directly, please visit their website.

For medical services available to you during your stay, please visit our health and medical services page

*except Norwegian, Swedish and Belgian students who may be eligible for home government health insurance