Enrolment requirements

You must be enrolled as a full-time student at UOW to comply with the conditions of your student visa.

The normal full-time enrolment load is 24 credit points per session; the minimum is 18 credit points per session and the maximum is 32 credit points per session. Credit points are the measure of workload allocated to subjects studied. 

UOW is required to inform the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs if students are enrolled in less than 18 credit points per session, as this is a violation of the conditions of your student visa.

Some overseas universities also require that their students enrol in no less than 24 credits points while studying at UOW – check with your home university’s Study Abroad & Exchange Office if you are unsure about your own University’s requirements.

UOW Course Codes:

  • 904 – Exchange
  • 905 – Study Abroad

Study plans

Students submit their proposed study plan while completing their Study Abroad or Exchange online application. Your eligibility for the subjects on your study plan will be assessed by the appropriate UOW faculty based on your home university academic transcript. Please ensure the academic transcript you submit with your application shows all of the subjects you have completed at your home university.

Study plans are assessed on an ongoing basis and students may add additional subjects to their study plan by logging into their application at any time in the lead up to their semester.

Subject enrolment

Six weeks prior to the commencement of session, students will receive instructions on how to enrol in their UOW subjects. Students should only enrol in subjects that have been approved on their study plan.

If you are waiting for approval, please seek advice from the Office of Global Student Mobility before enrolling in that subject. If you have been rejected for a subject, you must NOT enrol in that subject. Subject appeals will be considered within reason, if you wish to appeal a decision on your study plan, please email the Office of Global Student Mobility to enquire.

Remember, it is your responsibility to submit all your subjects for assessment through your online study plan by the second week of classes. If you are enrolled in an unapproved subject after the second week of classes your enrolment will be cancelled. 

NOTE: Undergraduate (Bachelor) students are not permitted to enrol in 800 or 900 level (postgraduate) subjects.