Buddy program

UOW’s buddy program has been developed to help make the transition to Wollongong easier for new study abroad & exchange students.

Program participants are paired up with a current UOW student prior to their arrival in Australia. This gives new students someone to contact regarding any questions and concerns that they have before coming to Australia, and also provides them with their first Australian friend. Buddies are able to help with questions ranging from life at UOW to Wollongong’s weather and even what to pack. Buddies are also there to help new students find their way around Wollongong and the UOW campus upon arrival.

A Buddy Program Meet & Greet event is held at the beginning of each semester. All participants in the program are invited to come to this event as an opportunity to get together, socialise and meet other people involved in the program, in turn making more friends whether they are Australian or other study abroad and exchange students. All new students, including those not participating in the buddy program, will be invited to this event via email once a date and venue have been confirmed.