Coursework study options

Whether you are pursuing a question or an idea through rigorous research, or tailoring your qualification to suit your professional goals, postgraduate study is a sound investment in your future.

UOW's postgraduate coursework programs allow you to mould your qualification to a specific area of interest. You can develop expertise in a particular discipline or change your career direction.

Designed to develop practical and relevant skills from a range of specialisations driven by the current needs of industry, postgraduate coursework programs include assessments, similar to undergraduate study. These assessments are based on a combination of written assignments, presentations, exams and practical exercises.

Some coursework degrees also offer the option to complete a research project.

Distance and flexible course delivery options allow many students to complete their postgraduate studies while still working full-time.

Coursework options

Masters by coursework (1.5-2 years full-time or part-time equivalent)

A UOW Masters degree can help you gain a promotion, start your specialist career, or change career paths completely. Admission normally requires students to hold a recognised Bachelor degree in a related area. There are exceptions, so be sure to check entry criteria in Course Finder.

Graduate Diploma (1 year full-time or part-time equivalent)

Graduate Certificate (6 months full-time or part-time equivalent

The courses leading to these awards are designed for students who may be:

  • seeking a professional development course at postgraduate level
  • seeking to take a different direction from their Bachelor degree
  • looking for a pathway into a Masters degree.

Delivery modes

UOW has a number of delivery modes for postgraduate students. Different courses offer one or more delivery mode options, so check Course Finder to find out which delivery modes are offered for the course (or courses) you are interested in. 


UOW integrates online learning into nearly all subjects. However, when your course is offered through UOW Online, 100% of your course will be delivered online, including all tutorials, class discussions and submission of assessments. This delivery mode allows you to study from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. See our UOW Online course offerings.


When your course delivery mode is 'Distance' the majority of your learning will be delivered online, yet some may be delivered through other forms of communication, including hard copy materials. 


Flexible delivery usually means that the majority of content and learning is delivered online, and face-to-face teaching is limited to one or two intensive blocks for each subject. Some faculties offer evening or weekend classes to help you get the most from your teachers and classmates.


When you study ‘on campus’ you will attend classes at a UOW campus between Monday and Friday, but you can often choose class times outside business hours to help you organise study around your other commitments. UOW integrates online learning into all of our subjects so the time spent on campus is spent strengthening your understanding and practising your skills.

While this option is a greater time commitment than the other delivery modes, it provides more face-to-face interaction with our passionate lecturers and teachers, and means that you have greater opportunity to network with your classmates.

In addition to the Wollongong campus, UOW offers a number of postgrad courses at our metro and regional campuses:

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