Commonwealth Supported Places

Commonwealth supported places

Studying a postgraduate degree in a Commonwealth Supported place could see your total course fees subsidised by up to 75% by the Australian Government.

A Commonwealth Supported place (CSP) is a University place where, for eligible domestic students, tuition fees are made up of two parts:

  • an Australian Government contribution (for some courses, up to three-quarters of the tuition fee is funded by the Australian Government)
  • a student contribution (which may be deferred and repaid later via a HECS-HELP loan)

If you apply for any CSP eligible course at UOW, your eligibility is automatically considered when we assess your application. 

While there are eligibility criteria to meet, if you are an Australian citizen, or a New Zealand Special Category Visa holder who meets the long-term residency requirements, or a holder of a permanent humanitarian visa - you're more than halfway to meeting these criteria.  

Eligible students may also be able to access HECS-HELP to defer all or part of their course fees. 

There’s never been a better time to get a start on your postgraduate qualification.

2023 Commonwealth supported postgraduate degrees

Total indicative course tuition fees shown are for a Commonwealth Support place. These fees are based on normal course length, progression and are subject to change from year to year and dependant on subject selection. Due to rounding, there may be discrepancies between actual cost and indicative totals listed below.

For courses where total fee is dependant on subject selection, a range has been shown.

Master's Degree

Master of Earth & Environmental Sciences $19,160 - $22,578
Master of Global Science & Management $24,287
Master of Medical Biotechnology $19,160 - $22,581
Master of Medicinal Chemistry $19,160 - $22,581


Graduate Certificate

Graduate Certificate in Law of the Sea $2,061
Graduate Certificate in Maritime Studies $2,061

Master's Degree

Master of Fisheries Policy $4,120
Master of Maritime Policy $4,121
Master of Laws $4,121

Bachelor's Degree (Graduate Entry)

Bachelor of Laws (Graduate Entry) $54,013 - $54,868

Featured degrees

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Master of Medical & Health Leadership
Young boy sitting at desk with mother, learning from home Master of Autism
Female student standing in park Master of Education
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Occupational Health & Safety and Occupational Hygiene
Hands typing at a computer keyboard Cyber Security

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