Learning Stream

Discover employable areas through Learning Streams and enhance your transferable skills.

UOWx currently utilises Learning Streams to categorise which area our activities fall under. Each Learning Stream is designed to provide you with skills specific to an area you chose to specialise for your Co-curricular journey. Learning Streams are created with industry insight and trends, to help you be as employable as possible when you pitch your skills to a future employer. Each learning stream teaches you unique skills that you can use within your future job application (examples below), with some activities allowing you to learn from multiple learning streams at once and later pick which area you wish to gain your Award in.

Learning Stream Skills

  • Planning, implementation, and evaluation (project management)
  • Motivating and managing a team to achieve an outcome (and delegating activities)
  • Managing resources and budgets
  • Making critical decisions, and problem solving
  • Self-awareness, agility and adaptability
  • Communicating change and promoting healthy failures and learning
  • Building knowledge of leadership styles
  • Building mentoring and coaching skills
  • Facilitating learning and engaging experiences for others
  • Perceive, understand and manage emotions
  • Enhancing knowledge of wellbeing (mental, physical and spiritual)
  • Building capabilities in questioning, clarifying, understanding and summarising information
  • Engaging in opportunities to develop empathy, withhold judgement and practice mindfulness
  • Presentations and public speaking, solo and in groups
  • Active listening and reflection
  • Simplifying complex information through storytelling
  • Nonverbal and visual communication
  • Contextual communication - adapting to the environment, situation and audience
  • Effective written communication
  • Creating and maintaining relations
  • Understanding group and team dynamics
  • Measuring progress and success of yourself and teams
  • Improving the community through research, service and/or advocacy
  • Developing an understanding of social issues, biases and inequalities
  • Critical thinking and information literacy: testing information and checking that sources are credible, comprehensive, and objective.
  • Advocating for others
  • Community capacity building and organising / mobilising groups on particular issues.
  • Self-reflection and developing a sense of belonging within UOW or local community.
  • Ability to articulate the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Expanded understanding of international issues, politics, systems of government, world religions and social issues.
  • Understanding bias, prejudices, privilege and marginalisation.
  • Engagement in anti-racism training.
  • Awareness and ability to plan for multicultural interactions and events.
  • Ability to adapt when relating and working in multicultural contexts.
  • Honing ability to think in multiple ways including critically, analytically, conceptually, creatively, and strategically.
  • Solving complex problems independently and as a team (incorporating diverse perspectives)
  • Improving ability to be agile and adaptable
  • Engaging in opportunities that require imagination
  • Engaging in design thinking, prototyping and agile methodologies
  • Building understanding of industry trends
  • Practicing artistic endeavors

What can I achieve with a Learning Stream?

You can get recognised for your achievements towards a specific learning stream by applying for a Learning Stream Award which will appear on your UOWx Record under Awards. This allows you to highlight that you have been a part of activities and workshops that have had tasks or learning opportunities focused on that specific stream. Applying for the Learning Stream Award is an opportunity to display your understanding of the skills learnt and good practice on how you can pitch your skills to future employers or answer selection criteria.

How to apply?

Utilising the UOWx Portal's - Learning Stream Awards Planner you can apply directly in application after meeting the specific requirements. We have created a UOWx Portal Guide that can take you through it and help you on this journey.

To apply you need:

  • 2x Activities for that Learning Stream
  • 1x Workshop for that Learning Stream
  • Complete a 200-word reflection on your experiences in that Learning Stream

Key date for final Learning Stream Award applications in 2023

To ensure your Learning Stream Awards are added to your UOWx Record, you must apply for your Learning Stream Awards by the following date:

  • Non-graduating students (continuing study in 2024) – apply by 8 Dec 2023

Are you still unsure where to go with your Co-curricular Journey?

Co-curricular activities help you to expand on the skills and knowledge you develop through your academic coursework. These experiences are vitally important for you to stand out as a graduate and allow you to develop personally and professionally in preparation for your life after university, so to help you pick a Learning Stream to focus on with your activities, we have supplied a Skills Self- Assessment Tool to find out how you score in each of the Learning Streams.