UOWx record

UOWx record is your co-curricular transcript which includes all UOWx recognised activities that you’ve met the minimum requirements for. This official UOW document is issued alongside your formal graduation documents through My eQuals and can be used as evidence to showcase the skills and knowledge you've gained on top of your degree.

How do I receive the UOWx record?

Step 1 - Check out your options

You can find a variety of activities on the 'Find an activity' section of our website.

Step 2 - Get involved

Every activity recruits students a little differently.

Once you've found an activity that interests you, be sure to check out the "How do I apply" section on that activities page.

Step 3 - Log your hours OR check your record

  • For some co-curricular activities, UOWx will be able to get the detail of your involvement directly from the program/activity coordinator. You can just check your record via Moodle throughout the year.
  • For other activities, you'll need to log your involvement directly in Moodle.

Log my hours - Moodle login

Check my UOWx Record via Moodle

Claiming your hours on Moodle

Step by step instructions to claim co-curricular involvement for your UOWx record.

Frequently asked questions

If you have engaged in co-curricular activities outside the university, you may be able to add this to your UOWx record. This may include your active participation in a workshop, conference or seminar that is offered by an external organisation or your volunteer work with a community organisation. For more information and on how to apply for recognition, please follow the below links:

If there is a mistake on your UOWx record, you can request to have your record reviewed and your UOWx record may be reproduced. Please complete the Review of Online Claims form.

Listed on your UOWx record will be the recognised co-curricular activities and workshops you have completed the minimum requirements for whilst at UOW. 

In order for an activity or workshop to be "recognised by UOWx", the staff member coordinating the opportunity has applied to UOWx and demonstrated that it develops a set of key skills that today's employers are looking for. The opportunities may be paid, volunteer or compensated and you must complete the minimum hourly requirements for each particular opportunity within a calendar year to graduate with this on your UOWx Record. To find out what the minimum requirements are visit the activity web page on the UOWx website.

To see your UOWx record prior to graduation, you can download your interim UOWx record from this Moodle site by clicking the "Print Interim Record" button. 

Please note: the interim UOWx record will include partially completed UOWx recognised activities. In order for these activities to appear on your official UOWx record, you must have met the minimum requirements of the activity in each calendar year.  

Your official UOWx record is issued to you on graduation alongside other official graduation documentation, such as the Testamur and Academic Transcript.

Since December 2018, UOW has been issuing digital academic documents to onshore graduating students through My eQuals, a secure third-party platform that allows universities to host and authenticate digital documents, and students to access and share those documents with third parties.

UOWx documents such as the UOWx Record are being issued in accordance with the transition toward My eQuals undertaken by UOW.

For information on how to access your My eQuals, refer to "My eQuals - digital academic documents" page.