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If everyone has a degree, how do you choose who gets the job?

The above question was put to over 25 employers in a range of industries by UOWx and the response was clear – the skills and experience outside the classroom are what set students apart. Soft skills gained in work experience and volunteering were important to employers and that is what formed the foundation of the UOWx program. So now, students who engage with UOWx are gaining those skills through co-curricular activities and just for you, their UOWx record outlines it all clearly. Identifying solid graduates has never been easier now you know to look for UOWx.

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We listened. Employers told us the important skills they wanted in graduates in the modern workplace and each of our co-curricular activities and the learning streams they are in, focus on those skills. From organisation, communication and interpersonal skills, to cultural awareness and office etiquette, problem solving, resilience and reflective thinking. They are not learning about them in a textbook but rather engaging in activities that have them applying these skills amongst other students and UOW staff. The UOWx graduates are practical, practiced and prepared for the transition from university to the workplace.