UOWx Award

Excel by making a significant contribution to your professional development and receive the UOWx Award to stand out when you graduate.

Have you had significant engagement in UOWx recognised activities throughout your time at UOW? Sign up for the UOWx Award Program and choose to graduate with the UOWx Award.

Applications open and close at the start of Autumn and Spring Session each year.

Alongside experiencing unparalleled levels of fun, UOWx helped me: to tap into my leadership and people skills through club activities, volunteering, and mentorship programs; improve my cultural, climate, and sustainability awareness; embrace and take pride in our diversity; and to always innovate. The networking and life lessons from this journey ultimately paid off with multiple lucrative career offers as I graduate now. What more could I ask for!! Bharat Rajeev UOWx Award recipient

About the UOWx Award Program

The UOWx Award Program includes a series of activities and workshops focused on student employability and professional development.

Once enrolled in the UOWx Award Program 2023, students will complete the following: 

  • Attend UOWx Award Program Launch Event
  • Develop a UOWx Award Program Plan
  • Participate in Career Building and Networking Activities
  • Participate in group sessions with other UOWx Award Program Participants
  • Take part in personal and professional reflective practice

The UOWx Award Program will be completed over nine weeks during the semester.

By successfully completing the UOWx Award Program, students will receive their UOWx Award when they graduate, and will be invited to attend the UOWx Recognition Event in December.

Please note: the Program Requirements may be updated each year based on participant feedback as part of UOWx’s continuous improvement cycle. You will need to complete the Program Requirements specified in the year that you are accepted into the program.

To be eligible to enter the UOWx Award Program, you must:

  • Be eligible to apply for at least one Learning Stream Award
  • Be working towards achieving a second Learning Stream Award
  • Be passing all subjects in the preceding 2 sessions

When applying for the UOWx Award Program, you will need to complete the Program Application Form, which includes submitting

  • A passion statement about why you are aiming to graduate with the UOWx Award in 100 words or less;
  • A copy of your UOWx Interim Record (access your UOWx record via Moodle); and
  • A copy of your UOW enrolment record.

2023 UOWx Award Program

Applications for Autumn session are now closed.

Applications for Spring session will open on 10 July 2023 and will close on 30 July 2023.

Register your interest to join the UOWx Award Program in Spring 2023

Q: I have not yet applied for a Learning Stream Award, can I still apply for the UOWx Award Program?

As long as you have completed the requirements for at least 1 Learning Stream Award, and are working towards your second Learning Stream, you can apply for the UOWx Award Program. Find out more about Learning Stream Awards.

Q; How long does it take to complete the UOWx Award Program?

You will have nine weeks to complete the UOWx Award Program. Applications to participate in the program open at the beginning of each semester.

Q: I have pressed the UOWx Award button in Moodle, do I have to do anything else?

Yes, you will need to apply for the UOWx Award Program when applications open at the start of the semester.

By completing the form through Moodle, you have submitted your Expression of Interest in the program, and you will receive and email from the UOWx team when applications are next open.

Q: I've applied for the UOWx Award Program for Autumn 2023, when will I find out if I've been accepted?

Students who have applied to commence the UOWx Award Program in Autumn 2023 will receive an outcome of their application by 8 March 2023.

Q: I am studying with Sydney Business School, when can I join the UOWx Award Program?

Students studying through Sydney Business School are able to join the program in either Autumn or Spring Semester.

For students graduating in Trimester 2, you will need to complete the program with the Autumn students.

Students graduating in Trimester 3 may complete the program in either Autumn or Spring semester.

Students graduating in Trimester 1 2024 will need to complete the program with Spring 2023 students.

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