What is an Access Plan?

An Access Plan was previously known as a Reasonable Adjustment (RA)

Our Student Accessibility and Inclusion Team will work with you to create an Access Plan based on your individual requirements and focused on your learning strengths.

These plans are tailored to you to empower you throughout your studies at UOW and ensure you can fully participate in your educational journey.

How your Access Plan works

Your Access Plan helps ensure all relevant parties involved in your UOW journey are across your situation and can effectively support you. It details the support mechanisms being put in place, for how long and by whom.

When your Access Plan is created, we will discuss with you how you want it to be explained to others, so it is only shared in ways that you are comfortable with. Your Access Plan will be sent to you and the following people by your Student Accessibility and Inclusion Officer:

  • Subject coordinators (sent out on first day of each session for enrolled subjects)
  • Exams Team
  • If you are a UOW College student, it will be sent to your first set of teachers, however you will need to send it on yourself to any new teaching staff after that initial period, including when subjects change.

You might also like to consider sending your plan on to your tutors, however, that is up to you.

Keep in mind that if your circumstances or Access Plan changes during your studies, it is best to keep everyone updated so they can best support you.

What's included in an Access Plan

Access Plans may include:

Assistive technology

  • Specialised computer labs that contain assistive technology software and hardware for eligible students registered with our service.
  • Computer software to transform text to speech and speech to text.
  • Magnification and screen reader software.

Access for hearing impaired

  • Hearing loops are available in most lecture theatres, that enable students with hearing impairments to receive sound directly through a hearing aid.
  • Transcription services for eligible registered students.

Mobility parking

  • Students and staff with an mobility parking permit are able to park without charge in University parking spaces set aside for people with medical conditions, injuries or disabilities.
  • To see where parking is available, visit the UOW Parking page.


Mobility scooters are available for temporary use on the Wollongong Campus by eligible registered students. Get in touch with the Student Accessibility and Inclusion Team to discuss.

In-class and educational supports

For example, access to lecture recordings, note-takers and lab assistance.

Assessment measures

This may include additional time for assessments and exams or alternative exam preparations.

Peer-to-peer subject content mentoring

Revise your subject content with a current UOW student to help you better understand what was covered in class.

Referral to other UOW resources or services

We can also refer you to other relevant UOW resources, including:

  • Graduate employment support
  • Scholarships
  • Gender, Sex and Sexuality diversity services
  • Indigenous and cultural services

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