International studies minor and UOWx

Your UOW semester abroad makes you eligible for recognition in one of two ways – you will be eligible for an International Studies Minor to be added to your degree – or you may choose to have your semester exchange experience counted towards your UOWx Record – which you will receive upon graduation.

Eligible for recognition

International Studies Minor

To recognise the knowledge and skills acquired by studying overseas, all students who successfully complete the International Student Exchange Program, and meet the following criteria can apply to have an International Studies Minor (ISM) added to their UOW degree.

To be eligible for an International Studies Minor, International Exchange Program participants must:

  • Pass all subjects taken at their host university
  • Submit an ISM application form to the Office of Global Student Mobility AND either
  • Have 24 credit points of Advanced Standing processed upon returning to UOW or
  • Have a total of 24 credit points between Advanced Standing from the International Exchange Program and subjects from the ISM Approved Subjects list

For more information please come and see us at the Office of Global Student Mobility (Student Central, bld 17).


UOWx connects students with valuable co-curricular activities that are offered at the University of Wollongong. The personal and professional development that students gain through these activities is formally recognised through the UOWx Record and Award. UOWx is all about:

  • Gaining Experience: Expand your knowledge, skills and networks by engaging in co-curricular activities at UOW
  • Recording Excellence: Exemplify your personal and professional development by adding your involvement to your UOWx Record
  • Be Extraordinary: Excel by making significant contribution to your professional development and receive the UOWx Award to stand out when you graduate

Upon return from international exchange, students must select whether they wish to receive an International Studies Minor OR recognition through UOWx on their Exchange Report. Students who wish to have their exchange added to their UOWx Record must answer three additional questions at the bottom on their report to reflect on the learning and skill development that occurred on exchange.


Can I apply for an International Studies Minor and a UOWx record on the basis of my exchange program?
No, you must choose which form of official recognition you require.

NOTE: Graduates of the Bachelor of International Studies are NOT eligible for an International Studies Minor, and may therefore wish to apply for a UOWx Record or Award.

If I undertake a short course, or a course through a third party (e.g. CRCC Asia) can I count this towards my UOWx Record or International Studies Minor?
No, these programs are NOT currently eligible for either an International Studies Minor, or a UOWx Record or Award.

When can I receive a UOWx Record?
The first UOWx Record will be available to those graduating in December 2016.