Welcome back session

Welcome back to UOW

Reacclimatising after exchange can be tricky, but we are here to help!

Our Welcome Back session covers topics like reverse culture shock, as well as how to get your credit from exchange and International Studies Minor processed.

Students have an opportunity to share stories and photos from their overseas adventures, and will receive valuable advice from a Careers expert on how to best show off your international experience on your resume.

  • You’ll also have a chance to mingle with incoming international exchange students at the following Meet and Greet event.
  • There are many opportunities for students to ‘stay international’ including joining various clubs and societies on campus, volunteer at one of the events held by the Office of Global Student Mobility, or participate in a short course program.
  • Welcome Back allows you to explore future opportunities and learn how to get the most from your exchange experience.

Study overseas report

Completion of your study overseas report is required before your credit for prior learning will be processed when you return from your overseas program.

Download form: Study overseas report (PDF)