Returning students

When you return to UOW after your study overseas experience, there are a few things you are required to do in order to finalise your program.

Finalising your overseas program

Processing your credit

For your credit to be processed by OGSM after you have returned from overseas, you must complete the following steps.

1. Provide an original academic transcript from your host university to OGSM

For exchange students, a hard copy or coded digital transcript must be provided that includes the grades obtained for each subject studied overseas.

For Short Course students, a hard copy or coded digital transcript, or certificate of completion from your program will be accepted.

2. Complete a Study Overseas Report

A task will appear in your SMO portal called ‘Returning to UOW’. Here you will be able to access the Study Overseas Report template and upload it once complete.

Your report should include information about your experience, accommodation, academic standards, budget tips and travel advice aimed at prospective students interested in studying overseas.

3. Have Credit for Prior Learning approved in your SMO portal

All subjects successfully completed overseas must be approved for either specified or unspecified credit in your SMO portal. You can access this under the ‘Other’ tab in your SMO application.

Please note: To ensure your Credit for Prior Learning is approved when you return from overseas, we encourage you to have it finalised as soon as possible. This is particularly important if you are applying to graduate, or if the subjects you have completed overseas are prerequisites for subsequent UOW sessions.

How will I know when my credit has been processed?

Once your credit has been processed by OGSM you will receive notification via SOLS mail and these changes will be reflected on your enrolment record.

Regardless of whether you obtain specified or unspecified credit, marks are not recorded on your UOW transcript for subjects studied overseas. However, satisfactory academic performance is a condition of participation in any study overseas program.

Travel grant requirements

Promotional content

If you received a UOW Travel Grant for your overseas program, it is a requirement for you to provide ONE of the following showcasing your experience abroad:

  1. 20 high quality images and a short testimonial (one paragraph); OR
  2. 1 – 3 minute video and a short testimonial (one paragraph) 

This content will be used by OGSM for promotional purposes. Please read our  on how you can share your content with OGSM. 


As a condition of receiving a UOW Travel Grant, you are also required to complete a minimum number of volunteer hours at various OGSM events.

The minimum hours required are:

  • Exchange students: 5 hours
  • Short course students: 2 hours

International studies minor or UOWx

Students who have completed a study overseas program may be eligible for recognition, which they will receive upon graduation.

Semester exchange

Students who have completed a semester exchange program are eligible to receive recognition in ONE of two ways:

  1. Have an International Studies Minor added to your degree; or
  2. Have your semester exchange experience counted towards your  – which you will receive upon graduation.

Short Courses

Short Course students are ONLY eligible to apply for UOWx recognition.

Visit our International studies minor and UOWx page for more information on how to apply.

Welcome back session

Held every semester for returning exchange students, the Welcome Back Session helps you reacclimatise back to life in Australia. We cover important topics like reverse culture shock, as well as how to finalise your program. You'll also have the opportunity to share your experiences with other returning students!

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