Sharing your content with OGSM

How to share your content with OGSM

As a recipient of an OGSM Travel Grant, it is a requirement for you to provide one of the following showcasing your experience abroad that OGSM can use for promotional purposes

  • 20 high quality images and a short testimonial (one paragraph); OR
  • A 1-3 minute video and a short testimonial (one paragraph) 

Upon your return to UOW, we recommend sharing your content with us via Google Drive. Please read the instructions below on how to do this. 

Sharing your content via Google Drive

  1. Login to your own personal Google Drive (If you don’t have a Google Drive account, you can easily make one - it’s free!)

  2. Select New > Folder to create a new folder in your Google Drive

  3. Name the folder using the following format: Full Name-Host University-Semester and Year of your Exchange. For example: John Smith-University of Surrey-Spring 2019

  4. Open your new folder and select New > File Upload

  5. Upload your testimonial (a short paragraph in a word document is acceptable) 

  6. Upload your images or video
    IMPORTANT: If you are submitting images, please ensure they are each labelled with the country and location the image was taken, for example: France-Paris-Eiffel Tower. Images not labelled correctly will not be accepted.

  7. Once your files have uploaded, select your folder and click ‘Share’. Enter the following email address:

  8. Select ‘Done’

  9. OGSM will be notified that you have shared your content for us to download and use for promotional purposes