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Psychology Placements

All students are required to be verified with the ClinConnect system and provide evidence of compliance with screening and vaccination schedules before commencing any psychology placement.

Please see the verification steps and key information below for further information and instructions.

Key Information

Prior to commencing study:

  1. Read the NSW Health Student Verification Pack.
  2. Obtain and hold a valid National Police Certificate (NPC) for the duration of your placement/s.  National Police Certificates (or National Police Checks) are available through all State or Territory Police Forces, the Australian Federal Police or a number of Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) accredited bodies.  If however, you are planning to attend placements in the ACT, it is recommended that you obtain your NPC through either NSW Police or Australian Federal Police (and not any of the other ACIC providers listed). If you have a charge or a conviction listed on your National Police Certificate, you must also apply for a risk assessmentIf you are an International Student, in addition to an Australian NPC, you must also provide a National Police Certificate from your home country (or any country you have resided in for more than 6 months since turning 18 years of age).  If this is not possible, you must sign the Overseas Student Statutory Declaration.  Please note, this Declaration can only be completed after arriving in NSW.
  3. Download a copy of the Vaccination Record Card and take it to your GP or NSW Health Staff Clinic for them to complete (hard copies are also available from Wollongong Campus Student Hub 41 or Regional Campus Admin)
  4. Collate evidence of your vaccinations and immunisation documentation.
  5. Complete the NSW Health forms as included in the NSW Health Student Verification Pack, i.e. Code of ConductAppendix 6: Undertaking/Declaration Form and the two page Tuberculosis (TB) Assessment Tool

Once you have commenced study:

  1. Take the ‘Verification Readiness’ Quiz on the NSW Health Verification Readiness Moodle site.
  2. Review the verification checklist on page 3 of the NSW Health Student Verification Pack.
  3. SCAN all documents into PDF format and email them to the UOW Verification Team uow-verification@uow.edu.au. Please include your Full Name, Student Number and your Course Discipline in all correspondence with the UOW Verification Team

Upon receipt of your documentation, the UOW Verification Team will in turn pass all documents onto the NSW Health Verification team.  It is the NSW Health Verification Team that make the final decision and determine if a student meets the requirements.

Please note:

Verification can be a lengthy process.  Start early, do not leave it to the last minute as if you are not verified you cannot commence placement.

It is each student’s responsibility to keep the originals of all verification documents, even after being fully verified.  Students may be asked to present these prior commencing placement in a NSW Health facility.

Students will be required to dress according to the dress code at the agency they are placed. Students will have a pre-placement interview with the agency and will determine this at that time.

Not required for Psychology Placements.

The University will attempt to secure placement opportunities in various locations predominately throughout the Illawarra/Shoalhaven as well as Sydney region. However, some placements may be located outside of this area and may result in students having to travel to places that are relatively distant from campus and their residences in order to benefit from a range of placement experiences. The student’s learning needs and placement experience will take priority over the distance of the placement. The student is responsible for all costs associated with undertaking a field placement.

Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health (SARRAH) offer regular Rural and Remote Scholarships.

Other opportunities may also be available via the Australian Psychological Society.

There may be opportunities to undertake a remote or overseas field placement in the final year of study. In these instances, the student must bear the travel, insurance, accommodation and all other costs involved. In order to undertake an overseas placement, the student will have to meet additional guidelines set by the university and Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC). The Placement Coordinator can provide further information about the particular criteria for remote and overseas field placements as required.