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Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology placements

All students completing the Bachelor of Exercise Science and Rehabilitation or Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology will be required to complete the NSW Health Placement verification process prior to commencing their placement.

This website takes you through the steps required to commence your placement.

Please contact the Exercise Physiology Placement Team if you have any questions about placement.

Preparing for placement

Prior to commencing study:

  1. Read the NSW Health Student Verification Pack.
  2. Obtain and hold a valid National Police Certificate (NPC) for the duration of your placement/s.  National Police Certificates (or National Police Checks) are available through all State or Territory Police Forces, the Australian Federal Police or a number of Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) accredited bodies.  If however, you are planning to attend placements in the ACT, it is recommended that you obtain your NPC through either NSW Police or Australian Federal Police (and not any of the other ACIC providers listed). If you have a charge or a conviction listed on your National Police Certificate, you must also apply for a risk assessmentIf you are an International Student, in addition to an Australian NPC, you must also provide a National Police Certificate from your home country (or any country you have resided in for more than 6 months since turning 18 years of age).  If this is not possible, you must sign the Overseas Student Statutory Declaration.  Please note, this Declaration can only be completed after arriving in NSW.
  3. Download a copy of the Vaccination Record Card and take it to your GP or NSW Health Staff Clinic for them to complete (hard copies are also available from Wollongong Campus Student Hub 41 or Regional Campus Admin).
  4. Collate evidence of your vaccinations and immunisation documentation.
  5. Complete the NSW Health forms as included in the NSW Health Student Verification Pack, i.e. Code of Conduct, Appendix 6: Undertaking/Declaration Form and the two page Tuberculosis (TB) Assessment Too 

Once you have commenced study:

  1. Take the ‘Verification Readiness’ Quiz on the NSW Health Verification Readiness Moodle site.
  2. Review the verification checklist on page 3 of the NSW Health Student Verification Pack.
  3. SCAN all documents into PDF format and email them to the UOW Verification Team uow-verification@uow.edu.au. Please include your Full Name, Student Number and your Course Discipline in all correspondence with the UOW Verification Team

Upon receipt of your documentation the UOW Verification Team will in turn pass all documents onto the NSW Health Verification team.  It is the NSW Health Verification Team that make the final decision and determine if a student meets the requirements.

Please note:

Verification can be a lengthy process.  Start early, do not leave it to the last minute as if you are not verified you cannot commence placement.

It is each student’s responsibility to keep the originals of all verification documents, even after being fully verified.  Students may be asked to present these prior commencing placement in a NSW Health facility.


  • Working with Children Check
    Working with Children Checks may be specifically required by some placement sites, in addition to the Criminal Record Check completed as part of Verification. Information regarding Working With Children Checks will be provided to the relevant students who are allocated to placement sites where this is required.
  • Vulnerable persons Check (ACT)
    Students allocated to ACT Health will be required to complete a Working With Vulnerable Persons Check prior to undertaking a placement in the ACT. Information regarding this process is provided to the relevant students who are allocated to placement sites where this is required.
  • Student Compliance Checks (NSW)
  • Preparing for Placements (ACT)

Students are required to read and sign the UOW Exercise Physiology Placement Acknowledgement Form prior to attending their first placement. This form is provided to students and discussed with regards to the requirements and expectations including abiding by the Codes of Conduct outlined by NSW Health, ACT Health, other organisations and UOW Student Professional Experience.

By signing this form, students are acknowledging they have been informed of the requirements of placement, and agree to comply with the information and the codes provided.

Placement allocation is determined by the clinical placement coordinator.

Preferences are submitted early in semester one, these are based on student preference, location, location of friends and family. We try our best to match students with ideal placement sites but this is not guaranteed. 

Students are required to purchase and wear the University of Wollongong Exercise Physiology polo shirt for all placements. Shirts are organised by the Placement Coordinator. Other uniform requirements will be provided by the placement coordinator or by clinical supervisors to the students on initial contact, as they often differ across sites. If no further site-specific uniform is required, long dark pants and enclosed leather shoes that are comfortable for movement are considered appropriate. Any jacket or jumper worn for placement should be neat, un-branded (other than a UOW-label if preferred), and should not have a hood.

Students will receive an email from NSW Health 14 days prior to commencing their placement. 

Please add the @health.nsw.gov.au domain to your safe senders list to ensure that the email is sent through to your inbox and does not get caught in spam or junk folder.

Some students need to have expiring documents updated during the placement blocks to ensure that they remain verified. 

As these things can take time, it is recommended that you start planning this two months in advance of their expiry date.

Once you receive your vaccination results (plus your updated and signed vaccination card) please send this information to uow-verification@uow.edu.au.

Additional information

Students attending exercise physiology clinical placements must be able to safely participate in the activities of the clinical placement supervisor in the placement environment, in order to comply with the policies and requirements of the specific organisation and the University’s Code of Conduct for Student Professional Practice. Injury, illness or other personal factors that arise prior to, or during, a placement may impact on the student’s appropriateness to continue with that placement.

Placements are organised and allocated by the Clinical Placement Coordinator. All travel and accommodation arrangements, including costs associated with placement, are the responsibility of the individual student. The Placement Coordinator will take into account relevant student information in order to provide fair and equitable allocation as much as possible, whilst ensuring students meet the industry accreditation requirements.

Students undertaking a placement in a rural or remote area may be eligible for placement scholarships annually released by different organisations, such as NSW Health and SARRAH. Students are encouraged to explore options that may be applicable to their placements and will be supported by the Placement Coordinator in the provision of required evidence/documentation that may be needed to support their application.

Currently, there are no international placement opportunities for Exercise Physiology.

The University has in place policies and practices which outline what is expected of you whilst you are on your placement.

If you have any difficulties whilst on your placement, please contact your relevant placement coordinator for assistance.

Please view the policies and practices which apply to students when on placement.