Fees & assistance

Course fees

As a university student you will be required to pay course fees throughout your degree. Your fees will depend on your student type.

Other fees

Student Amenities Fee

Australian universities, including UOW, have a Student Services and Amenities Fee (SAF) which is used to enhance the services and amenities for students across UOW. The fee is payable by all students and is used to fund priorities set out by the students as part of a consultative process.

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Cross institutional and non-award

There are alternate ways to study at UOW, including bridging courses to enable further study, cross institutional study from other Australian universities, and non-award study for those not studying towards a degree.

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Administrative charges

At UOW, you may need to pay extra administrative charges associated with your degree, such a late charges, graduation fees or replacement charges.

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Non-payment penalties

It is important fees are paid on time to avoid late payment penalties.

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Accommodation fees

UOW has a range of university managed accommodation at varying fees to suit your needs.

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