Intervention strategy

What is an Intervention Strategy?

The University is committed to providing students with access to the right support. This support can be either academic or non-academic.  Academic support may be in the form of an intervention strategy (strategy). An Intervention strategy is:

  1. A study plan that is developed with a Course Progress Advisors to address and reduce the causes of academic failure during your study at the University.
  2. An offer to students for additional assistance to help improve academic performance and should be implemented as soon as possible to promote success in future studies.

When an Intervention Strategy form has been completed and approved by a Course Progress Advisor, the student record will be updated and students notified by a SOLSmail message.

When to access a strategy?

A strategy is implemented when students are placed on a course progress status of either Referral or Restricted. If on a restricted course status, a student must meet with their Course Progress Advisors to develop a strategy before they can be re-enrolled in their course.

Any student, regardless of their course status, experiencing difficulties in their study, is recommended to request help from their Advisor. Advisors may recommend one or more of the following solutions, depending on each students circumstances.

Prescribed Program Referral to UOW Support Faculty Based Program Leave of Absence
A prescribed program may be:
  1. A restricted study load – students are only permitted to be enrolled in a restricted number of credit points (usually less than a full time study load). 
  2. A reduced study load – students can choose to reduce the number of credit points they study in a session (usually less than a normal full-time study load.
  3. A specific subject enrolment – students are restricted to enrol in specific subjects as determined appropriate by their Advisor.
  4. A study plan – agreed with students for a set period of time, related to enrolment, Learning Development or Language Support.
There are a range of support services available to UOW students. At times, Course Progress Advisors may refer students to: Faculty based programs that may be available:
  1. PAL Program (Peer Assisted Learning Session)
  2. Other programs (as prescribed by the Head of Students relevant in the Faculty)

A Leave of absence is a break from study and may be recommended to students in some circumstances. The requirements for taking a leave of absence will vary domestic and international students.


Note: If you are a sponsored student it is recommended that you advise your sponsor of any changes to your study plan and expected length of study and seek approval. Even if the Course Progress advisor approves any changes these still need to be confirmed with your sponsor as they may impact how long it will take you to complete your study.

Need help?

For more assistance, please contact the AskUOW team in Student Central.