Intervention strategy

What is an Intervention Strategy?

An Intervention Strategy is a plan that aims to help students succeed in their studies.

This is required when a student has not met course progress requirements, their enrolment is deemed at risk and they are placed on a Restricted course status.

These students are required to meet with a Course Progress or Academic Adviser (normally a Head of Students) to implement an Intervention Strategy before they can be re-enrolled in their next session of study.

During the Intervention Strategy consultation, the student and the Adviser will discuss any academic and non-academic difficulties that may be impacting the students ability to meet course progress requirements. They will need to agree on appropriate and relevant academic and non-academic support measures to be included in the Intervention Strategy for the student to follow.

Advisers may recommend one or more of the following options:

  • Prescribed Program
    • Restricted or reduced study load– students are restricted to enrol in a limited number of credit points. 
    • Specific subject enrolments or study plan– students are required to be enrolled in specific subjects in specific sessions as determined appropriate by their Adviser.
  • Referral to Support Services
    • UOW offer a range of support services to help all students throughout their studies.
  • Faculty & Peer Based Programs - UOW offer a number of Faculty & Peer based programs to connect students with each other and help students to succeed in their studies.
  • Leave of Absence
    • Leave of absence is a break from study and may be recommended to students in some circumstances. The requirements for taking a leave of absence will vary for domestic and international students.

Note: If you are a sponsored student studying in Australia it is recommended that you advise your sponsor of any changes to your study plan and expected length of study and seek approval. Even if your Adviser approves any changes these still need to be confirmed with your sponsor as they may impact how long it will take you to complete your study.

Need help?

For more information or assistance, please contact the AskUOW team (if studying onshore in Australia) or your local campus (if studying offshore).