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Managing your course

Student Resources

Throughout the duration of your studies at a UOW offshore location, you will use different tools, forms and systems to manage your course.

Student support services

Learning Co-Op

UOW offers a range of free resources, classes and consultations to all enrolled students seeking to improve their academic performance.

Tertiary literacies

Understand literacies that contribute to building your knowledge and skills to assist you to develop the qualities of a University of Wollongong Graduate.

CareerSmart and StartSmart

Provides key skills and information to begin navigating your University career and preparing for your professional future.

UOW Offshore students have access to UOW support services and the student support services offered by our partner.

Feedback and complaints

We welcome all types of feedback: compliments, comments, problems or suggestions, so that we can continuously improve the experiences of our students. Submit your feedback at have your say.

Contacting your local campus

Singapore Institute of Management

General Contact

Email: students@sim.edu.sg

Telephone: +(65) 6248 9393

PSB Academy

General Contact

Email: UOW@psb-academy.edu.sg

Telephone: +(65) 6390 9000

INTI Subang Jaya campus

Contact name: Mr Vincent Loh

Position: Dean of Programs, Business  & EIS

Email: vincent.loh@newinti.edu.my

Contact name: Ms Ting Mun See

Position: Associate Dean (Business and Communication programs)

Email: munsee.ting@newinti.edu.my

INTI Penang campus

Contact name: Ms Hai Pin

Position: Dean of Business

Email: haipin.chionh@newinti.edu.my

Contact name: Ms Anni Malar Raman

Position: Sub Dean, Business  

Email: annimalar.raman@newinti.edu.my

INTI Kuala Lumpur Campus

Contact name: Dr Narinderjit Singh

Position: Head of Program Business

Email: narinderjits.sawaran@newinti.edu.my

UOW College Hong Kong (UOWCHK/CCCU)

Telford Annex General Office

Email: telford.col@cityu.edu.hk

Telephone: +852 2707 9440

Student services

Name: Miss Hilda Lam 

Role: Clerical Officer

Email: htlam47@cityu.edu.hk 

Telephone: +852 2707-9415

Central China Normal University 

General Contact

CCNU Wollongong Joint Institute
General Office

Email: liushuo@mail.ccnu.edu.cn

Telephone:+86 276 786 7279

University of Wollongong in Dubai

General Contact

Email: info@uowdubai.ac.ae

Telephone: +971 4 278 1800

“Unlike the conventional method of learning in Hong Kong, the UOW course was very cutting-edge and I believe this will help me stand out in the fierce competition of job applications in Hong Kong as I can contribute with a new perspective and mindset.” Conseja Diana Jahn BrillantesBachelor’s in Communication and Media Studies, UOWCHK