Steel supply chain transformation

New applications of enabling technologies and advanced manufacturing to achieve a generational shift in capability across the entire supply chain.

Program Leaders

Academic: Geoff Brooks (SUT)

Industry: Jason Hodges (BlueScope) Bradley Taylor (Infrabuild)

This program will help draw together some elements of the other three program areas, continuing the transformational agenda of the Hub through applying advanced manufacturing principles across Australia’s steel supply chain, i.e. from steel production to channel partners and SMEs. It will foster both novel research and translational activities necessary to ensure a successful intergenerational change across the industry.

The program will assist in the integration of enabling technologies into large complex steel plant systems, such as automation, machine learning and knowledge mapping, to enable the future-proofing and sustainability of Australian steel manufacturing through the adoption of Industry 4.0 principles and knowledge management. It will also help support a resilient, value-adding, steel supply chain of innovative SMEs through providing cost-effective opportunities for engagement with Australian universities, in partnership with industry peak body representatives.

Program 4 is comprised of two sub-programs:

- Enabling Technologies Integration

- SME Engagement & Innovation

Infrabuild Enabling Technologies Integration
BlueScope Program 4 SME Engagement and Innovation

Header Image credit: BlueScope Steel