Process Integration and Sustainability

New specific manufacturing processes and methodologies that significantly improve resource intensity and utilisation whilst maintaining productivity, quality, and asset life objectives.

Program Leaders

Academic: Brian Monaghan (UOW)

Industry: Sheng Chew (BlueScope), John Tsalapatis (Liberty)

This program targets a holistic approach to optimisation of resource intensity for steel manufacturing processes, constrained by productivity, asset life management, steel quality and sustainability objectives. Since raw materials and energy resources are closely intertwined, this holistic approach is required to help solve major strategic challenges currently faced by Australian steel manufacturing, which, due to relatively low production capacity, operates under considerable capital constraints.

The anticipated outcomes include new decision-informing methodologies designed to optimise manufacturing efficiency and asset life extension, novel ways to increase utilisation of by-products and end-of-life resource streams and new efficient recovery/separation of valuable mineral resources. These outcomes reduce the environmental impact through reducing primary raw materials consumption, landfill and hazards associated with stockpiling, and GHG emissions.

Program 1 is comprised of two sub-programs:

  • Integrated & Efficient Steel Manufacturing
  • Resource Intensity & Sustainability

Integrated & Efficient Steel Manufacturing

steel works at night


Team: Professor Brian Monaghan (UOW), Dr Sheng Chew (BlueScope), Dominique Sert (ArcelorMittal), Dr Xuefeng Dong (UOW), Apsara Jayasekara (UOW), Dr Paul Zulli (UOW), Dr David Pinson (BlueScope), Pascal Gardin (ArcelorMittal), Rodolfo Paulo Santos Ferreira (ArcelorMittal)

Team: Professor Brian Monaghan (UOW), Israel Murgas (Liberty), Petr Suchanek (Liberty), John Tsalapatis (Liberty), Professor Akbar Rhamdhani (SUT)

Team: Dr Xuefeng Dong (UOW), Habib Zughbi (BlueScope), Mark Biasutti (BlueScope), Dr Sheng Chew (BlueScope), Dr Paul Zulli (UOW)

Team: Dr Xuefeng Dong (UOW), John Tsalapatis (Liberty), Matthew Middleton (Liberty), Dr Paul Zulli (UOW)

Team: Associate Professor Tom Honeyands (UON), Dr David Pinson (BlueScope), Dr Sheng Chew (BlueScope)

Resource Intensity & Sustainability


Team: Professor Brian Monaghan (UOW), Dr David Pinson (BlueScope), Dr Sheng Chew (BlueScope), Habib Zughbi (BlueScope), John Heslin (BlueScope)

Team: Professor Akbar Rhamdhani (SUT), John Tsalapatis (Liberty), Israel Murgas (Liberty), Professor Brian Monaghan (UOW), Professor Geoff Brooks (SUT)

Team: Associate Professor Tom Honeyands (UON), Peter Austin (BlueScope), Epma Putri (BlueScope), Dr Soonho Lee (UON), Dr Arash Tahmasebi (UON), John Lucas (UON), Hannah Lomas (UON), Mathew McNamara (UON)

Image credits: Destination Wollongong