Product innovation and technology

Novel approaches to next-generation product solutions incorporating improved functionality such as higher strength, ductility, durability, and material resilience.

Program Leaders

Academic:  Irene Yarovsky (RMIT)

Industry: Mark Eckermann (BlueScope) Bradley Taylor (Infrabuild)

This research program brings together multi-disciplinary teams to investigate the fundamental mechanisms that underpin potential steel developments in order to commercially address new opportunities created by innovation in new market segments for flat and long steel products. A range of complementary core research activities and enabling technologies skills will be supported, from computational molecular dynamics, advanced synthesis chemistry, cutting-edge analytical equipment, through to experimental and numerical analysis of structures.

New fundamental and applied understanding will be generated which underpins the development of new generation, high value-added product innovations, mainly for Australian residential and commercial buildings, infrastructure, wire and other product applications. The challenge and the intended outcome is to produce these new products with minimal production cost escalations or capital investment.

Program 2 is comprised of two sub-programs:

- Product Durability & Functionalisation

- Structural & Cold-Formed Steel Optimisation

BlueScope image program 2 Product durability and functionalisation
SRH SBRC Structural Steel and CFS optimisation

Product durability and functionalisation

Current projects

Team: Associate Professor Daniel Fabijanic /Dr Anthony Somers (Deakin), Bradley Taylor (Infrabuild Wire), Malcolm Robertson (Infrabuild Wire), Dr Lauren Andrews (Infrabuild Wire), Dr Robert Fabien (Infrabuild Wire)

Team: Associate Professor Daniel Fabijanic (Deakin), Dr Robert Fabien (Infrabuild Wire), Graeme McGregor (Infrabuild Wire), Anthony Ng (Infrabuild Wire), Greg Morris (Infrabuild Wire), Sharmy Francis (Infrabuild Wire), Bradley Taylor (Infrabuild Wire), Dr Anthony Somers (Deakin)

Team: Huijun Li (UOW), Dr Dake Yu (Bisalloy), Dr Willy Pang (Bisalloy), Zengxi (Stephan) Pan (UOW)

Structural and cold-formed steel optimisation

Current projects 

Team: Professor Lip Teh (UOW), Trevor Clayton (BlueScope), Mark Eckermann (BlueScope), Paul Jones (BlueScope), Dr Aziz Ahmed (UOW)

Team: Paul Cooper (UOW), Jamie Adams (BlueScope), Mark Eckermann (BlueScope), Glen Hampton (BlueScope), Jack Whitford (BlueScope), Dr Alan Green (UOW), Dr Leela Kempton (UOW), Associate Professor Georgios Kokogiannakis (UOW), Steve Beltrame (UOW)

Header image credit: COLORBOND® Ultra steel in the colour Surfmist® and COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel in the colour Whitehaven®

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