Advanced corrosion performance and operational efficiency

Step-change performance in anti-corrosion treatments together with new processing capability and more productive coating manufacturing lines.

Program Leaders

Academic: Nick Birbilis (ANU)

Industry: Daniel Parker (BlueScope)

Several important fundamental challenges in the development and manufacture of next-generation metallic coated products are addressed in this research program. The industry will benefit significantly from the proposed advances in fundamental understanding relating to corrosion mechanisms, novel corrosion assessment of coated products and innovations that substantially increase the overall manufacturing efficiency of continuous hot-dip coating process and coating equipment.

Outcomes of this multi-faceted research program will lead to a step-change performance in anti-corrosion treatments for metallic coatings, leading to potentially new processing capabilities, as well as more productive, efficient coating manufacturing lines.

Program 3 is comprised of two sub-programs:

- Corrosion Performance and Prediction

- Coatings Process Effectiveness

SRH Corrosion Program Corrosion performance and prediction
Coating Process Effectiveness

Image credit: Craig Holbrook