School of Earth, Atmospheric and Life Sciences

We seek to discover and teach the nature of our Planet. 

Welcome to the School of Earth, Atmospheric and Life Sciences (SEALS). Recognised as one of Australia's leading schools for outstanding research and education achievements in the fields of Earth, Atmospheric and Life sciences, we remain highly committed to promoting excellence in all our academic endeavours. 

Our vision is to create a community of influential and skilful scientists with a global perspective and the capacity to adapt to the ever-changing workforce landscape. We leverage the intellectual capital from our diverse disciplines to enhance the impact of our research, communicating and translating our findings to solve real-world challenges in collaboration with our partners.

The spirit of inclusiveness and equity, transparency and integrity, collegiality and respect, health and sustainability, scientific rigour and openness and advancing knowledge are the hallmarks of our School. We strive for a better and sustainable world. We support our staff and students in pursuit of their personal goals, aimed at advancing the quality of their lives and that of their communities.

The academic endeavour of our School is inherently multidisciplinary and underpinned by a cluster of foundational disciplines comprising archaeology, biology, chemistry, Earth sciences, ecology, environmental sciences, geography, geology and marine science. This diversity of expertise and our world-class researchers enables us to offer a wide range of exciting and socially relevant teaching programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and produce job-ready graduates. The diversity and breadth of our academic expertise also fosters our research on national research priorities vital for future social, economic and environmental development and the well-being of Australia and the world. 

Consider Environmental Science

Want to know more about environmental studies at Australian universities? This is the video for you.

Ever since you were a child, you've been fascinated by the world around you. You're still fascinated. You notice things that other people don't.

You wonder why they are the way they are, and you wonder how they'll change. Because you're more... curious. We know because we are too.

It's more than just curiosity though, isn't it? You've observed you've wondered but you're worried, too.

You want to do more to see real action to make things happen. Because you feel more... connected. We know because we do too.

One thing's for certain you're not looking to be detached. You want real experiences real places real people. You want to get your hands dirty. Because you want a career that's more... immersive. We know because we do too.

It can feel overwhelming so many problems in need of solutions but you know that means there's so many ways to make an impact. And you will make an impact. Because you're more... determined. We know because we are too.

We know better than anyone, because we live and breathe it. So look a little closer and you'll see us on every continent on earth in every industry you depend on in every environment you've imagined. Helping to understand solve repair and prevent. We are environmental scientists. And we're a lot like you.

Environmental research

From the Antarctic and Southern Ocean to the mangroves of the Great Barrier Reef, see where our research teams are getting their feet wet. 

Antarctic science collaboration
An aerial shot of rich green mangroves in the ocean Exploring our relationship with Australia's islands