Janet Cosh Herbarium

The Janet Cosh Herbarium is a repository for dried plant specimens collected from the Sydney, Illawarra, South Coast and Southern Tableland regions of New South Wales. The Herbarium provides information on the taxonomy, history, distribution and conservation of plant species within these regions. The specimens are stored in a controlled environment and their details are recorded in a database. Voucher specimens used in research are also stored in the Herbarium. The staff are skilled in plant identification, taxonomy and ecology and these skills are used to teach, facilitate research and undertake consultancies. The herbarium held over 1600 specimens in 2014 and the collection continues to expand.

Our mission

  • Expand the knowledge of Australian floral diversity particularly in the Central Coast, South Coast and Tableland Regions of New South Wales
  • Provide a regional collection of botanical information
  • Facilitate scientific research and teaching in botany
  • Provide expertise in plant identification and the management of native vegetation
  • Provide a historic record of the botanical work undertaken by Janet Cosh

How we are achieving the mission:

  • Management of the flora collection
  • Management and preservation of the historical and auxiliary collections
  • Management of high quality digital records of the collections
  • Expansion of the specimen collection
  • Provision of resources and qualified staff to support researchers and students
  • Provision of services for organisations and consultants who require plant identification, botanical surveys and analysis
  • Provision of training in identification skills
  • Promotion of the Janet Cosh Herbarium
  • Collaboration with interested parties to develop strategic partnerships

Contact Us

Janet Cosh Herbarium
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