Honours information

Honours Process

HONS410/411 Bachelor of Science (HONS) for all disciplines in the School of Earth, Atmospheric and Life Sciences (SEALS)

This guide is for students considering Honours during 2021 in the following Bachelor of Science disciplines - Archaeological Science, Biological Science, Environmental Chemistry, Environment, Geology, Marine Science or Physical Geography.

Admission into Honours is competitive. To be considered for entry into the Honours program students will:

  • be expected to qualify for, or be a graduate with, a relevant degree from the University of Wollongong, or hold an equivalent qualification from another institution;
  • normally have completed at least 24 credit points of 300-level subjects relating to the Honours discipline;
  • normally have a Weighted Average Mark (WAM) of at least 75 for the 24 credit points of 300- level subjects relating to the Honours discipline (Archaeological Science, Biological Science, Environmental Chemistry, Environment, Geology, Marine Science or Physical Geography)
  • negotiate a project and supervisor then complete a HONS410/411 Expression of Interest form and submit it to the faculty for approval
  • have their Expression of Interest approved by the Honours Coordinator and Head of School. 
  • Examine the Course Handbook 
  • Attend the Honours information session for potential Honours students that will be held on Wednesday 14 October 2020. You will be notified of this event by email and in 300-level subject lecture
  • Discuss potential Honours projects with Academic Supervisors to gain more information about topics and the projects and to determine whether the academic will agree to supervise you.  

Please note: Admission is also subject to an appropriate project being available, and acceptance by an Academic Supervisor.

  • Students may commence Honours in February (Autumn Session) or July (Spring Session) and may study on a full-time (HONS410) or part-time (HONS411) basis.
  • The HONS40/411 Expression of Interest form must be signed by your potential supervisor and submitted to the Professional Officer Kristy Blackburn by 20 November 2020 (for Autumn Session 2021) or 31 May 2021 (for Spring Session 2021).
  • Honours Program Coordinator (Archaeological Science, Geology, Environment, Physical Geography, Environmental Chemistry)
    Prof. Allen Nutman (anutman@uow.edu.au)
    Ph 4298 1347    Room: 41.162
  • Honours Student Liaison (Archaeological Science, Geology, Environment, Physical Geography, Environmental Chemistry)
    Kristy Blackburn (bkristy@uow.edu.au)
    Ph 4221 3487      Room: 41.G29   

  • Honours Program Coordinator (Biology, Marine)
    Dr. Marian Wong (marian_wong@uow.edu.au)
    Ph 4221 3574     Room: 35.124

  • Honours Student Liaison (Biology, Marine)
    Julie-Ann Green (Julie-ann_green@uow.edu.au)
    Ph 4221 3100    Room: 35.G19

Students should start the process of developing their 2021 Honours project now (October 2020).

Students enrolled in a Deans Scholar program and meeting its requirements are automatically guaranteed a place in Honours, but still need to submit an expression of interest to the faculty and follow the below steps to enrol.


You can do this before/ after or during the information session. It is better to make enquiries about more than one project as there may be some competition for projects and you may not get your first choice.

  1. Complete the HONS410/411 Expression of Interest Form. Submit this completed form to the Professional Officer Kristy Blackburn (bkristy@uow.edu.au) by 20 November 2020 for an Autumn start and by 31 May 2021 for a Spring start.
  2. Complete an ‘Undergraduate Application Form’ from UniAdvice; (Bld 36) or from their website. Attach your completed and approved Expression of Interest form with relevant Honours Coordinator and Head of School signature and any other paperwork that is requested. This should be submitted by 29 January 2021 for Autumn session OR 30 July for Spring Session.


Faculty staff will consider all expressions of interest after final exam marks are confirmed. Students will receive a notification of success (or otherwise) from the Faculty.


All students need to apply for a Course completion of their Bachelor degree through SOLS.

If you have been successful in your expression of interest for Honours you can now apply to the University for entry into the relevant Honours course.


You will receive an offer to study Honours from UOW Admissions.

  1. After you receive your offer, activate your new course enrolment (Honours) in SOLS. The last day to enroll for Autumn session 2021 is 12 March and 6 Aug for Spring Session.
  2. Add your relevant Honours subject to your enrolment record by completing the online Subject Addition form 
  3. Students accepted into Honours will receive an email inviting them to an introductory meeting to be held in February 2021 (for Autumn Session start) or July 2021 (for Spring Session start). This meeting marks the start of your Honours year and is compulsory.