Echidna are often seen wandering at Wollongong campus

Campus environment

Wollongong Campus provides habitat for a diverse range of native animals. It forms a part of the east-west wildlife corridor connecting the escarpment with the sea. Maintaining biodiversity values and creating a built environment that is designed to met best practice design standards is a focus.

Slow down for wildlife

Spring is here and our native animals are out and about. Echidnas are often seen wandering the campus and carparks at this time of year and we have ducks and their ducklings crossing the ring road. Please take care driving around the campus and give way to our native wildlife.

Black duck with chicks

Learn about the animals

Learn about the plants and landscape

Approximately 500 native flora species are known on the campus. Of these over 300 species are native to the Illawarra.

Plant species of the Wollongong campus

Wild Deer Management

UOW is participating in the Illawarra Wild Deer Management Program and associated activities are planned to occur on the Wollongong Campus (escarpment land). This program aims to reduce the potential spread of the deer population and minimize their adverse impacts.

Illawarra Wild Deer Management Program
Feral Deer