Contractor parking

Contractors need to adhere to NSW Road Rules and the Access and Order Rules when driving and parking on the campus. Designated contractors are able to access parking permits to use when working on campus, depending on the type of work being carried out. Available permit options are outlined on this page, or seek advice from your UOW Project Officer.

Service Vehicle Zone access

Contractor Category 1

  • Service Vehicle Zones are restricted for contractors whose vehicles are essential for the service or project activity being carried out. These contractors can access a Contractor Category 1 (CC1) permit. 
  • CC1 permits can be used in service vehicle bays, ticket bays and permit bays.  Other locations may also be authorised by UOW Project Officers in consultation with the Senior Manager Security.
  • CC1 permits are restricted to two per company, with consideration made for companies with larger service fleets.  These permits are transferable between vehicles. 

Appy for a CC1 permit

Complete the application form and make payment at the Unishop.  Yearly and half yearly permits are available.

Scratchies are also available and are valid for one day only/single use.  They can be purchased online for $10 each.  Multiple scratchies may be pre-purchased and used when required. If you are ordering online, please take your receipt and ID to the FMD Service Centre (bld 31).

Contractors not needing access to Service Vehicle Zones

Contractor Category 2 Scratchies

Authorised contractors can purchase a daily scratchie (Contractor Category 2 permit). These can be used in UOW entry permit or pay and display ticket bays, but not service vehicle bays. These are single use.

These can be purchased online using the  online order form. Category 2 scratchies are $10 each, but multiple scratchies may be pre-purchased and used when required.

Once purchased online and then bring your receipt and ID to the FMD Service Centre (bld 31) between 7:30am-5pm to collect your scratchies.


Contractor Category 3/UOW Permits

Contractors who do not need service vehicle bays (i.e. consultants, desk based contractors, and contractors whose vehicles are not essential for the work being carried out), can access UOW Entry Permits.

Entry permits provide access to designated UOW entry permit bays. These permits are transferrable between vehicles.  Yearly and half yearly permits are available.

Authorised contractors can complete the application form (PDF) and make payment at the Unishop.  


Other parking options

Access pay and display ticket parking where available, or the parking stations (P1 and P6).  Normal parking rates and conditions apply.

Parking permit exemptions

The following vehicles are exempt from requiring a contractor parking permit, provided that the vehicle is clearly identified and badged with the organisation's logo:

  • Authorised UOW vehicles e.g. FMD, IMTS, Printery, Mail Distribution, Security.
  • Government authority vehicles, e.g. AQIS (Quarantine).
  • Recognised public utility vehicles performing authorised works, e.g. Optus, Telstra, Origin Energy.
  • Delivery vehicles are exempt from requiring a contractor parking permit, as the nature of the visit is understood to be over a short timeframe (maximum 30 minutes), e.g. BOC gases.
  • Emergency services vehicles.

The driver of the above vehicles must be engaged in authorised University business.  These identified vehicles are permitted to park in service bays, Pay & Display ticket bays and UOW Entry Permit bays.

In the event that any vehicle which is classified as exempt from requiring a contractor parking permit arrives on campus and is not clearly identified and badged with the organisation's logo, the contractor is advised to make other arrangements to ensure a valid parking permit is obtained. Daily scratchies can be purchased from the Unishop.


Please contact your UOW Project Officer, or the Facilities Management Service Centre on 02 4221 3217, or