Electric vehicle parking

EV Charging Stations

Publicly available electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are coming to UOW in 2024. 

Partial funding for this project has been provided through the Drive Electric NSW EV Fast Charging Grants Program from the NSW Government Office of Energy and Climate Change.

With this significant contribution, UOW is planning to install a new EV charging station. Three super-fast DC electric vehicle chargers will be installed on the Wollongong Campus, and recently, one charger has been installed at the Innovation Campus. All chargers will be available for use by community members, staff, students and other visitors to the campus.

The Wollongong EV charging station will be powered by 100% renewable energy while the Innovation Campus charger is primarily powered by the 160 kw of solar located on the Sustainable Buildings Research Centre (SBRC). This aligns with UOW’s commitment to become Carbon Neutral by 2030 and aligns with Strategic Goal 3.5 promoting environmental sustainability.

Almost 10 years ago UOW installed the first fast charger (50kW) in the Illawarra at the SBRC as part of an ARC research infrastructure grant. This research was to understand the impact of EVs and their chargers on the grids of the future.

These new chargers will not only provide great access for EV drivers to charge their vehicles, but through the Australian Power Quality Research Centre (APQRC) will also enable new opportunities for students and researchers to continue to contribute to the future management of the energy grid by exploring charging behaviours and how EVs will continue to shape the electricity grid. This knowledge can also be translated into the recently announced ARC Training Centre in Energy Technologies for Future Grids, and the Energy Futures Skills Centre launched in early 2023, both of which seek to build the skills and capabilities needed for Australia’s transition to a clean energy future, as EVs will form a large component of this process.

Wollongong Campus

The plans for the Wollongong Campus includes three super-fast DC chargers, two 360 kW chargers and one 180 kW charger. 

The chargers will be installed within the P8 carpark, in close proximity to the campus heart, library, retail and food outlets. Two chargers will be available for accessible parking.

The chargers proposed are extremely fast. The 360kW chargers will be capable of charging a Tesla Model 3 to 80% capacity in approximately 15 minutes. 

The chargers are expected to be operational in quarter 3 2024.  As the project gets underway, more information will be provided on this page.  If you have any questions, please reach out to us at uow-parking@uow.edu.au

Innovation Campus

A 180 kW Ingeteam charger has already been installed next to the Sustainable Buildings Research Centre (SBRC), building 237 at the Innovation Campus.

This charger is now fully operational. Please note this charger will be connected to the Chargefox network in early 2024. 


There is a dual charging station located at the SBRC building 237 at the Innovation Campus.

Charging stations for the Wollongong Campus are expected to be operational around July-September 2024.


Anyone with an electric vehicle is welcome to use the charging stations on campus. 

For visitors to the campus, the fast charging location is in close proximity to the M1 Princes Motorway for a quick charge for commuters travelling past the campus. The charging station is also adjacent to the campus heart of UOW, which offers a range of facilities including several food and café outlets, the Village Grocer store, games arcade, post office, GP clinic and mental health practice, pharmacy, hairdresser, and library. Additionally, a complete gym, swimming pool and tennis courts are available as well as numerous locations for commuters to relax and recharge before continuing their journey. This may include any of the numerous lawns and water features within UOW grounds or the Wollongong Botanical Gardens located adjacent to the University. These charging bays will be available 24/7 with campus security available onsite at any time and the charging bays covered by existing public lighting and CCTV security cameras. 

Parking is only permitted in the charging spaces while the vehicle is actively charging. Once charging is complete, the vehicle must be moved from the Electric Vehicle charging parking bays. Fines may be issued to those who park in the designated spaces when not charging their vehicle, or when not using an electric vehicle.