The purpose for the Wollongong Academy for Tertiary Teaching & Learning Excellence (WATTLE) is to advocate excellence and leadership in teaching and learning by:

  • Building a higher education-focused community of expertise, scholarship and research to lead discussion, collaboration and innovation in University teaching and learning, within and outside of the University of Wollongong
  • Building networks of knowledge fostering national and international relationships with respect to teaching and learning
  • Increasing UOW’s national and international reputation with respect to teaching and learning

Key functions of the Academy include:

  1. Providing network opportunities for taking thinking forward with a focus on current global issues, i.e.
    • developing position papers on higher education with the aim of informing policy and practice in teaching and learning in the sector
    • developing and sharing good practice
    • facilitating and presenting guest lectures
    • hosting visiting fellows
    • seeking external funding to support academy work
  2. Providing support and guidance of processes for recognition of excellence and outstanding achievement in teaching and learning
  3. Providing support and guidance of Professional Development in learning and teaching at UOW
  4. Supporting internal and external funded projects

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Members are warmly invited to share ideas and feedback at any time.