WATTLE Conference Grants 2022

As part of WATTLE’s ongoing commitment to UOW staff professional development in educational research and scholarship of teaching and learning, WATTLE is offering funding to assist members to present their research or attend teaching and learning conferences.

Funding can only be used for the direct costs of conference participation and/or attendance (for example registration).

This is competitive funding and selection will be based on how the applicant addresses the criteria in the application form. All submissions will be peer reviewed by a panel of WATTLE committee members. 

Successful applicants must acknowledge WATTLE as a source of funding and all recipients will be expected to present their work or knowledge’s gained by presenting to the WATTLE community.

Information for how to apply for 2022 funding will be coming soon.

WATTLE Teaching Circles initiative

The WATTLE Teaching Circles aim to provide teaching staff with safe, supportive space to explore, discuss, experiment and reflect upon issues related to learning and teaching. Teaching circles are an opportunity to examine strategies for addressing learning and teaching challenges and to develop and curate evidence that can be used for probation and promotion.

What’s involved?

In short, a teaching circle involves 3-5 teaching staff coming together for a designated period to explore an aspect of learning and teaching. Each teaching circle is responsible for defining its outcomes and a plan of action for how to achieve those outcomes. At the end of the period, each teaching circle provides a brief final report of what it has accomplished. WATTLE additionally encourages the members of each teaching circle to consider presenting their findings at a WATTLE Connect and Create session or a WATTLE forum. The Teaching Circles Guide provides more in-depth information and includes tips for getting started in your teaching circle.

Teaching Circles Mini-Grants

Teaching circles formed by 3 June 2022 will be eligible for up to $500 in funding to support the goals of the teaching circle. The grant may be used to purchase books, materials, or software for the completion of teaching circle activities.

How to get involved

To take part in the teaching circles initiative, complete the Teaching Circle Expression of Interest form:

  1. Register a teaching circle — If you have already formed your group, provide the topic and details for your teaching circle.
  2. Individual expression of interest — Register your interest, and we will match you with a teaching circle that aligns with your interests.

Teaching Circles resources and forms

The following documents will assist you in setting up and running your teaching circle:

For more information




Contact us

Members are warmly invited to share ideas and feedback at any time.