Event criteria

Do you have an idea or request for a WATTLE Event? Considerations for determining if an activity is a WATTLE event are listed below. If your suggestion fits within this criteria, please complete the online request form and submit your proposal to WATTLE.

Event Criteria

Does the proposed activity...

  1. have a focus on one or more current UOW Learning and Teaching strategic initiatives;
  2. feature (or is it being facilitated by), people with credibility in Learning and Teaching at a National level or those with a strong emerging profile in the field;
  3. create opportunities for WATTLE members to connect, network, develop, recognise and share professional knowledge, expertise and practice in relation to Learning and Teaching;
  4. positively promote WATTLE and/or UOW and enhance the credibility of WATTLE/UOW internally and externally to the university;
  5. promote a WATTLE Hot Topic;
  6. have clear and measurable outcomes that can inform UOW’s strategic plans in Learning and Teaching and/or WATTLE purpose;
  7. represent value for money (this can be demonstrated through the potential for output/deliverables for the Learning and Teaching community across UOW and beyond).

Guidelines for Funding

  1. Preference will be given to those speakers who do not charge for the presentation (i.e. National L&T Fellows) or international speakers who are seeking additional events for Study Leave etc. Not withstanding addressing the criteria (1-7) above.
  2. If speakers charge a fee, WATTLE will not provide any additional payments. For example: if the speaker charges a flat rate for the presentation, this will be the total payment provided and no contribution to travel expenses etc. will be made.
  3. Speakers who require assistance with travel costs, but do not charge an upfront fee, will be funded in accordance with UOW per-diem rates (for equivalent city).
  4. Speakers may need to make payment claims against the university through the provision of a valid Tax Invoice.
  5. Internal UOW speakers will not be paid but WATTLE can support by providing light refreshments or light lunch – such activities are also favourably viewed in terms of CPD.

Contact us

Members are warmly invited to share ideas and feedback at any time.