Why is academic integrity so important?

Your actions reflect back on the University:

  • a degree from UOW has value because of our shared commitment to high quality teaching and learning, as well as robust standards of academic integrity. If you cheat, your actions can have an impact the reputation of the university and devalue the quality of our awards.

If you cheat, you are missing out:

  • studying at university is an opportunity to learn and to test yourself so that when you graduate you can be confident that you have achieved the full education necessary for the award of your degree.

If you cheat, you are being unfair to other students:

  • you are taking advantage of other honest students who are doing their own work by pretending to be as equally engaged with learning.

If you cheat, you may not be prepared for your future career:

  • future employers trust that UOW promotes academic integrity and expects students to behave honestly in the pursuit of their studies whilst taking responsibility for the integrity of all their work.