What are your responsibilities?

As a UOW student, you have responsibilities to act honestly and ethically in your studies.

These responsibilities involve:

  • familiarising yourself with the expectations for integrity in your assessment work so that you know how to avoid academic misconduct
  • making sure you understand the assessment task requirements, the marking criteria and appropriate acknowledgement practices and referencing style for your subject and discipline. That is, you are expected to submit work which properly acknowledges the ideas, designs, words or works of others and which is otherwise your own work.
  • discouraging other students from any form of academic misconduct. This means that you should avoid lending or otherwise providing assessment items to other students where you could reasonably guess that they might use it dishonestly, or for an unfair advantage over other students performing the same task.

While academic integrity is your responsibility, UOW provides support if you need it:

  • lecturers and tutors will be happy to answer your questions about assessment tasks
  • the Learning Co-op provides workshops on a range of topics that can help you with your studies

Don’t forget that all incoming coursework students are required to complete the StartSmart module in the first few weeks of session. If you do not complete the module and the quizzes, your results will not be released at the end of session.