Advice and resources

  • Learning Co-op
    At the Learning Co-op you can find a range of online resources as well as a schedule of academic writing or digital literacy seminars and workshops. You can also book an individual consultation to get help with your assessment task preparation or English language development. Or you can drop-in to consult with a Library Rover or Peer Academic Coach.
  • StartSmart
    This is a mandatory online course for all new students at UOW. It will help you to understand your student responsibilities, to find and evaluate relevant information for use in assessment tasks, and to develop strong academic integrity practices. You must complete the course with all the quizzes – if you don’t, your results will be withheld at the end of session. Some teachers will require you to present a copy of your completion certificate in the first few weeks of tutorials.
  • Futurelearn - Academic integrity: value, skills, action
    If you want to learn more about academic integrity, you are encouraged to enrol in this free online four-week course. Each week contains videos, articles, activities and quizzes that will help you develop the knowledge and skills needed to be a successful and ethical learner. You will have opportunities to discuss your ideas with other students on the course and learn from their experiences and points of view.