AI & ChatGPT

Using Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI) tools such as ChatGPT to assist in completing any type of university assessment unless you are permitted to do so is considered academic misconduct.

UOW takes academic misconduct seriously and there are a range of penalties that may apply so it is very important that you make sure you understand how to work with academic integrity.

When is it okay to use GenAI tools?

Your teachers may permit you to use AI tools to compare or double-check your understanding of a topic but be sure to follow their instructions on how these tools can be used.

Be wary of their outputs, as AI tools are not always reliable and the information they produce may be inaccurate or wrong. While this use is not considered plagiarism, we recommend you seek help from academic staff or other forms of academic support provided by UOW rather than rely on information that may not be correct.

Contacting your teacher is the best place to seek clarification or double-check your understanding of a topic you did not completely understand.

Check out 'Using Generative AI and ChatGPT well' on the UOW Digital Skills Hub. 

When is it not okay to use GenAI tools?

You must not use any AI tool, including ChatGPT, to produce your assessable work for you. Using AI tools to derive and submit responses to assignment questions in place of your own work is a form of plagiarism.

Using AI tools to assist you with completing assessments when not permissible and/or without referencing would also constitute plagiarism. Your lecturers and tutors use tools and techniques to detect plagiarism and there can be serious consequences for academic misconduct. If in doubt, always ask your teacher.

You can test your knowledge of academic integrity and set yourself up for student success via Start Smart which is compulsory for all new coursework students.

If you have questions about academic integrity, please email