What you can do

Regardless of your role at the University, you can help to provide a more accessible, inclusive, and equitable community for everyone.

Making content accessible is a shared responsibility

Everyone is responsible for ensuring accessibility

While the web designer and the web developer are responsible for fulfilling most of the WCAG success criteria, content writers and editors are responsible for the content-related criteria. Additionally, anyone with the power to approve or disseminate web content is also responsible for ensuring the WCAG success criteria, including management within UOW and Marketing professionals.

UOW must conform to web accessibility standards (WCAG 2.1 Level AA)

Based on four high-level principles (perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust), the WCAG describes how to make web content accessible to people with disabilities:

  • Perceivable - information available through sight, hearing, or touch.
  • Operable - the interface is compatible with a keyboard or mouse.
  • Understandable - design is user-friendly.
  • Robust - site follows standards, and works across devices, operating systems, browsers, assistive technologies, and is old technology compatible.

With each principle comes a set of success criteria, and there are three levels of conformance to the WCAG: level A (lowest), AA, and AAA (highest).

What we can do to create more accessible content