Web accessibility reference site

Web accessibility means making web content that everyone can use.

The importance of web accessibility

Web accessibility is a human right

More than one billion people live with disabilities/impairments worldwide. One in five Australians are reported to have a disability.

The UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities recognises that Web accessibility is a basic human right. It is the right thing to do to remove barriers that prevent people with disabilities to ensure they have equal access to information as everybody else.

Web accessibility promotes usability

Accessibility enhances usability. Good user experience benefits everyone, not just people with disabilities.

UOW has an obligation to meet worldwide accessibility standards

UOW is obligated to be inclusive and ensure that its website is accessible as per the Disability Discrimination Act 1992. This means the UOW website must be accessible to all users regardless of their abilities and environment.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2 (WCAG 2.1) is the standard we must meet.

Do the right thing