Current Exhibition

This exhibition is a selection of works that show the calibre, strength and diversity of works within the UOW Art Collection.

About the Exhibition

Discover the rich tapestry of artistic expression at the University of Wollongong (UOW) through "Highlights from the UOW Art Collection." This captivating exhibition presents a curated selection of works that showcase the calibre, strength, and diversity found within the UOW Art Collection.

Diverse Artworks

Explore a range of artistic styles, mediums, and themes that reflect the dynamic nature of the UOW Art Collection.

Calibre and Strength

Immerse yourself in the world of art as the exhibition highlights the exceptional calibre and strength of the featured works.

Curatorial Excellence

Experience a thoughtfully curated selection that demonstrates the artistic prowess and cultural significance of the UOW Art Collection.

Visiting the UOW Gallery, you can expect to feel inspired and engaged as you immerse yourself in the diverse and thought-provoking exhibitions. The gallery's dynamic programming and commitment to strategic impact create an atmosphere of creativity and innovation. You may feel a sense of connection to the university community, as the gallery fosters collaboration across disciplines and involves alumni, students, and the wider community.

Event Details

Location: UOW Gallery, ground floor of building 29, Jillian Broadbent Building, western side of the Wollongong Campus.

Dates: Until 6 March 2024

Times: 10.00 am – 4.00 pm, Mondays to Wednesdays

Admission: Free and open to the public

Guy Warren Escarpment, Illawarra synthetic polymer paint on linen  178 x 230 cm

Guy Warren, Escarpment, Illawarra
synthetic polymer paint on linen

Previous exhibitions

A UOW Art Collection and Hazelhurst Art Centre partnership exhibition

Dates: 22 April to 18 June, 2023
Times: 10.00 am - 4.00 pm every day, except ANZAC Day
Location: Hazelhurst Arts Centre, 782 Kingsway, Gymea. NSW. 2227. 

UOW and Hazelhurst Arts Centre worked in partnership to present an exhibition featuring 100 artworks from the university’s art collection. The exhibition was held in the Main Gallery at Hazelhurst in Gymea. The artworks were selected from the collection by Hazelhurst’s curators. The exhibition included works by artists such as Ben Quilty, Lloyd Rees, Elizabeth Cummings, James Gleeson, Lindy Lee, Tracy Moffatt and Emily Kame Kngwarreye.

This exhibition also coincided with Vital Signs: Recent graduates from the University of Wollongong, an exhibition of artworks by graduating visual arts students from The School of Arts, English and Media. This exhibition will be held in the Broadhurst Gallery at Hazelhurst Art Centre from 22 April to 2 May 2023.

Visit the Hazelhurst Arts Centre website for more information on the Exhibition.

Hazelhurst Arts Centre

Guy Warren Escarpment, Illawarra synthetic polymer paint on linen  178 x 230 cm

Guy Warren, Escarpment, Illawarra
synthetic polymer paint on linen

Dates: 26 November to 9 December 2022
Times: Monday - Saturday, 10am – 4pm

Location: UOW Gallery, Jillian Broadbent Building
(Building 29, University of Wollongong)

The 2022 Visual Arts Graduate Exhibition presents graduating works by UOW Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Arts); (Visual Arts and Design); and Bachelor of Arts (Photography) students. This exhibition brings together a rich eclectic mix of artworks that showcases a diversity of talent emerging from three years of practice-based studies and research investigation.

Artist attribution: William O'Toole, Burnouts, 2022 | oil on synthetic turf, 185 x 135 cm

William O'Toole, Burnouts, 2022 | oil on synthetic turf

Dates: 15 August to 19 October 2022

Opening during National Science Week, this diverse exhibition includes work by artists and scientists who have visited Antarctica, either under the auspices of national level scientific and artist residency programs or via the former Illawarra based Theme Polar Arts program.  It includes work by artists such as Brogan Bunt,  Janet Laurence, Ashley Frost, Bettina Kaiser, Liz Jeneid, Rob Howe, Trudi Voorwinden and Mary Rosengren as well as work by Antarctic scientists Mel Waterman, Georgia Watson and Alison Haynes.  Also included in the exhibition is the work produced by local Illawarra children participating in the Early Start Antarctic early learning workshops.  This work will gradually grow as the exhibition proceeds.

Antarctic Early Learning workshops and a series of seminars accompany this exhibition and will take place in the Early Start building across from the UOW Gallery. For details of rooms and times please visit the Antarctic Futures website.

Brogan Bunt, Artists digital impression of peaks in Antarctica

Digital ink jet print artwork: Brogan Bunt, Antarctica, 2022


24 August 2022
Using Drones to Explore Antarctica – Professor Barbara Bollard, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

31 August 2022
Antarctic Film Night: short films produced by artists and scientists in the Antarctic Futures team.


7 September 2022
Among Antarctica’s Ancient Moss Forests: Observing 25 years of change – Distinguished Professor Sharon Robinson, University of Wollongong, Australia

14 September 2022
A Leadership Journey Down South – Dr Rachelle Balez, Homeward Bound participant 2018, University of Wollongong, Australia

19 September 2022 (note 12:30pm start)
Crazy Big Ideas: The Value of Science Fiction for Conceiving Antarctic Futures – Dr Lucas Ihlein (UOW), Dr Hilary Strang (University of Chicago) and David Spratt (Research Coordinator for the Breakthrough National Centre for Climate Restoration).
For those attending this seminar in person, there will be a tour of the Antarctic Futures exhibition available in the UOW Gallery at 11:45 am prior to the seminar.

A huge chunk of ice sitting on a pile of pebbles

Digital Photograph: Alison Haynes, Ice (King George Island), 2020


12 October 2022
Antarctic Futures Q&A Session – a panel of experts on Antarctic climate, living things, travel and policy answering your questions about the past, present and future of Antarctica.

Please note: two of the seminars will be available both on campus and via Zoom. These two are ‘Using Drones to Explore Antarctica’ (24 August) and ‘Crazy Big Ideas’ (19 September). Please email Georgia Watson for a zoom invitation.

The Antarctic Futures team have partnered with the Early Start Discovery Space‘s team of educators to bring Antarctica to young families, in particular during National Science Week (13-21 August 2022) and Book Week (20-26 August 2022). See the Early Start events page for information about the exciting Antarctic experiences lined up over the coming weeks.

Through hands-on learning activities, storytelling, science shows, interactive play, the Antarctic Research Vessel and more, children and their parents will discover many aspects why Antarctica is an incredible place. Artifacts, photos and films from scientists who have visited and worked in Antarctica are also on display. Keep updated via their website and social media channels for special Q&A sessions and workshop dates.

The Early Start workshops involve creative making activities, devoting a fortnight to each of the following themes:

What is Antarctica?
Getting to Antarctica: what does the trip actually involve? What is living there like?
Antarctic life: explores issues of climate change and the instability of Antarctic environmental systems.
Antarctic Futures: creative efforts to imagine Antarctic futures.

These interactive activities and workshops are free after entry and will run at the Early Start Discovery Space early learning centre, which is just across the road from the UOW Gallery (here’s how to get to Early Start).

The academic genesis of this exhibition stems from a multidisciplinary group of academics at the University of Wollongong involved in the Eco-Antarctica research project. This group included marine and terrestrial ecologists, data scientists, environmental toxicologists, climate scientists and modellers, experts in Antarctic and environmental law and policy, a historian and an artist. At the heart of the group were the circle of researchers associated with Professor Sharon Robinson’s Antarctic moss ecology research.

Associate Professor Bunt provides the bridge to the other trajectory of Illawarra based Antarctic association – local artist Ashley Frost’s Theme Polar Arts program. For close to two decades (2003-2018) Theme ran an artist residency program that placed local and international artists aboard Arctic and Antarctic tourism ships from 2003-2018.  It was also contracted to produce innovative multi-media logs of these voyages. Bunt had developed the initial multimedia system and been on a number of voyages as a multimedia producer. He was keen to highlight this unique Illawarra venture and the body of artistic work that it had produced.

These two trajectories have coalesced in Antarctic Futures.

The UOW Gallery exhibition is an eclectic mix of Theme Polar Arts program work by local artists Liz Jeneid, Rob Howe, Bettina Kaiser, Trudi Voorwinden and Ashley Frost, as well as work by artists Bunt, Janet Laurence and Mary Rosengren and scientists in the UOW Antarctic moss research team. In a similar fashion, the seminar series incorporates both scientific and humanities based critical perspectives, and the workshops aim to engage both creative and conceptual aspects of environmental understanding.

A number of tents pitched on rocky ground, with the ocean in the background.

Digital photograph: Alison Haynes, Campsite (King George Island), 2020

Antarctic Futures is delivered as a partnership between the Global Challenges ECO Antarctica team, Securing Antarctica’s Environmental Future team, UOW Early Start and the UOW Art Collection and Gallery team. It has received funding from the UOW Centre for Sustainable Ecosystem Solutions and through the Australian Government’s Inspiring Australia grants program for National Science Week. It has been made possible by the community of artists who have engaged with this project and who have generously contributed artwork to this exhibition and by the curation work undertaken by UOW Honorary Professor Brogan Bunt.  

Towards Deep Time: CABAH Art Series is an exhibition of two new works by contemporary Australian artists UK Frederick and collaborative duo Sonia Leber and David Chesworth. Frederick’s Unseeded (2022) and Leber and Chesworth’s Where Lakes Once Had Water (2020) are the artists’ response to their collaborations with scientists from the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Australian Biodiversity and Heritage (CABAH).

The artwork and the scientific research have been supported by the Australian Government through the Australian Research Council Centres of Excellence scheme.

Dates: 16 May to 13 July 2022



Two photo college of glass globe and thermometer at a beach

The Morrissey Donations exhibition acknowledges and celebrates the generous and on-going patronage of Mr John F Morrissey to the University of Wollongong.  As one of the Art Collections most significant donors, Mr Morrissey has regularly donated works of art from his private collection to the collection since 2014.

Dates: Monday 21 February. 2022 - Wednesday 30 March, 2022


Karla Dickens, Shining II , 2009
acrylic paint, fabric and Mother of Pearl on canvas
51 x 51 cm
University of Wollongong Art Collection, donated through the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program by John F Morrissey, 2018
©Karla Dickens, Courtesy of Sullivan + Strumpf



acrylic paint, fabric and Mother of Pearl on canvas

The artist Guy Warren AM (b.1921) this year celebrates his 100th birthday and the University of Wollongong is honouring him with an exhibition drawn from the UOW Art Collection entitled “Hills and Wings: A Celebration of Guy Warren and his work”. It includes works by Guy Warren alongside a small selection of artworks that he acquired for UOW while he was Director of the Art Collection between 1992 and 2005. 

The exhibition offers the chance to see works that have never been exhibited before as well as some of Guy’s rare and early prints from the 1950s and 60s. Other artists whose works can be seen in the exhibition include: Emily Kame Kngwarreye, James Gleeson, Elisabeth Cummings, Susan Marawarr, Colin Lanceley and Ben Brown. 

The exhibition is open Monday to Wednesday, 10.00am to 3.00pm in the UOW Gallery located in the new Jillian Broadbent Building at the western end of the UOW Main campus. The exhibition is on between Monday, May 3 and Wednesday, July 28, 2021. 

This exhibition was made possible with the support of the McKinnon Walker Trust.

Dates: Monday, 3 May 2021 - Wednesday, 28 July 2021 

Guy Warren standing with his Artwork

Photograph of Guy Warren in his studio courtesy of Riste Andrievski