French is a key international language, spoken as a first language in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and the French Caribbean, and as an official language in much of Africa, Asia (Pondicherry, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam), across the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It is also a working language and an official language of the United Nations, European Union, NATO, UNESCO, the International Courts of Justice and the Olympic Games.

Learning a language is the most effective way to learn about a country, its people and their way of living and their culture. French Studies at the University of Wollongong is closely linked with the study of the French and Francophone cultures. Students have the opportunity to experience them first-hand through either a period of study abroad in France or in New Caledonia, or by working as an English-language assistant in a French school.

An ability to speak French along with English and any other international language is an asset on the international job market. This is why our program is flexible and places a great importance on the development of graduate qualities vital for future employment opportunities.

Students can tailor their studies to meet their needs and interests by studying French as a major or as a minor program. Students can also combine French studies with that of another language, or a number of other disciplines across the university. This enables students to maintain a balance of choice across their degree programme.

You can begin your study of the French Language from scratch or from the intermediate level. All students are expected to become proficient in all four skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) by the end of their studies.

You can study French concurrently with your bachelor's degree by enrolling in the Diploma in Languages. If you already have a degree you can also enrol in this award.

Research Areas

The French program at UOW offers supervision for higher degree theses in the following areas:

  • French Creoles
  • Varieties of French
  • Language and Identity in the French-speaking world
  • Translation
  • French Literature
  • French Media & Politics

UOW Language Ambassador Program

The UOW language ambassador scheme aims to bring languages back to the community by sending university students as language ambassadors to mentor local high school students during semester time. Participating schools benefit from having voluntary language experts assist in the teaching and learning of foreign languages for half a day on a weekly basis. The program promotes language learning and further helps to strengthen links between secondary and tertiary institutions.

Why study French at UOW?

It's really important to learn a language. It helps with your career aspirations and gives you employable cross-cultural skills.

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Study Abroad

If you are currently enrolled in French Studies and wish to go on a period of study abroad you have several options. UOW offers students the opportunity for short term (3weeks) in-country study in France or New Caledonia, to spend a semester or a full year abroad. You can study your subjects and get specified credits that will count as part of your French Studies course, or get unspecified credits should you prefer not to count them as part one of your French subjects.