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Ready to explore a new culture? Exchange programs provide university students with the opportunity to live, learn and grow in an unfamiliar environment. Take advantage of the chance to broaden your horizons, make friends from around the world and gain invaluable life experiences.

Keen to explore China? Grants of up to $7000 are available!

Immerse yourself in Asian culture and study with the most prestigious universities in China. Obtain real-life experience in China and challenge yourself as a global citizen. Study areas include the Chinese language and culture, English Literatures, Linguistics, Philosophy, International Business, International Law and more.

Participating universities


  • $7000 for semester-long exchange in Spring 2023 or Autumn 2024, or Spring 2024
  • $2500 for a 4-week intensive Chinese language and cultural immersion program in Shanghai during the semester break (mid-June to mid-July) 2023


  • For semester-long exchange programs, all UOW domestic students who have completed the equivalent of at least one-year full-time study and have a WAM of 65% or above are eligible to apply. 
  • For the short-term immersion program, please indicate your EOI and consult with Associate Professor Xiaoping Gao at


Applications for exchanges in Spring 2023 are due by 17 March at the Office of Global Student Mobility (OGSM)

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