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The word ‘geography’ means earth writing (geo-graphy) in two senses: writing about the earth and metaphorically, the ways societies inscribe themselves on the earth (e.g. by building cities). Geographers describe and explain the variable but interconnected character of the earth’s surface. Human Geography examines the ways people transform the physical environment and use it in various ways for diverse purposes. They also often seek to forecast and plan ahead to anticipate problems and provide solutions to pressing environmental and social issues like mass migration, urban sprawl and the conversion of biodiverse forest into farmlands.

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Study for a lifetime of careers with Australia's only Bachelor of Geography. In an era of ‘big data’ Geographers can provide the skills and tools to support decision-making and planning across government, business and community sectors.

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Geography at UOW – Leah Gibbs 

I'm really fascinated by how people interact with environments, so my research focuses on cultures and practices associated with nature and also policy and governance and decision-making about environments. 

My name is Leah Gibbs and I'm a Senior Lecturer in Geography in the School of Geography and Sustainable Communities. 

One of the things that UOW offers is excellent research. All of the teaching staff in geography bring their research expertise, the fact that they are you know at the forefront of their fields they bring that to the classroom, they're bringing examples from the real world, they're bringing practical experience through internships to the classroom and to the students. So the fact that our teachers are also excellent researchers is key. 


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The School's UN Sustainable Development Goals

The School of Geography and Sustainable Communities SDG report outlines our current teaching subjects and courses that are contributing to the UN SDGs.

Read the SGSC SDG teaching report (PDF)
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